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Increased Racism on the Site

Its been a chat up line in Germany by squaddies for decades, have you got any English in you? No, do you want some? You either get a shag or a punch in the face.

If that is Lenny Henrys best lines he really must be shit.
He is.
My daughter told me she "literally died".

Didn't seem to stop her constantly demanding money with menaces though.
Funny thing, I have 3 sons and one daughter, she is the only one who can't be managed with some common sense and good advice, reminds me a lot of SHMBO. They complain that I sit in the dining room with a beer and a laptop instead of with them, but when I change the channel from various medical procedures, poorly treated pets and celebs making twats of themselves, there is hell to pay. Can I change trades to Gay?


Lenny Henry: a colleague of mine from a few years back would relate how he and his bird had been to a LH gig and, being near the front, his bird had got LHs eye as a foil for his shit jokes and, getting fed up with him picking on his missus all the time, said colleague called out, "Here, Len! I've got a good one for you!"

"Oh, yes? [Faux look of amused exasperation with quiet tut] Go on, then..."

"What do you call a dog with a spade up its arse?"

You can guess the rest.

Mind you, that's always sounded like a duty rumour anecdotalised by the tellers, various, to give themselves props. Funny as fuck if it had really happened, though: the look that must have flashed across Len's boatrace, I mean; not the slightly racist joke.
It doesn’t matter when it originated, everybody has to hear it for the first time, as I did, and I thought it was funny then.

If it originated in the 1950s as you say, it would have been a pity if it had stayed there.

Luckily all good humour is second-hand. Otherwise we’d be stuck with the dross that the Woke think is funny.

Not true. A one line quip that had a young lady I know in stitches...

Her "You're not funny"

Me "Yes I am. You should hear how women laugh, when I ask them for sex!".

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