Increase in MOT Testing Fee

The Motor Vehicle (Tests)(Amendment) Regulations 2009 (SI: 2009/643) raises the fee for the MOT. It enter force in England and Wales (not Northern Ireland) on 6 April 2009.

Certain provisions relating to trailers under Regulation 2(3) and 5 come into force later on 26 April 2009.

A more readily digestible explanatory note is at the bottom of the regulations.

The Department of Transport’s Explanatory memorandum to SI: 2009/643 which accompanied the Regulations when they were laid before Parliament is also shown.

There is, as there usually is, a degree of legislative idiocracy at Dot which manifests itself at para 7.3 of the memorandum:

"7.3 The need to strengthen the check on registration plates in the MOT test in response to police and DVLA concerns that some motorists are evading ANPR and traffic enforcement camera detection by having non compliant plates on their vehicles. The proposal is to introduce additional registration plate checks at the MOTbtest because all vehicles will need an annual test once they have been registered for three years. The proposed additional checks will detect registration plates that have non compliances such as overprinted background effects, unacceptable flags and
symbols or have the wrong colours or non reflective borders."

Which, of course, informs those at whom the above is aimed to ensure that they re-affix their non-complient plates as soon as the car is returned from the testing testing station!

A Top Tip for having an MOT is to take it to your local council MOT Testing bay. I have been doing it for years and I can't fault it.

With our Local Council Testing Centre the car is booked in for a specific time and that is when the test is done, they have a waiting/viewing area and the test takes about 40 minutes.

Anyone that takes a car to a Repair Garage for an MOT is a Complete Mug, you may as well just sign a Blank Cheque and hand it over to them. Local Authority Testing Centres have no interest in "Fixing" your car, so as such you will get a genuine and honest test.

List of Council Testing Bays from Money Saving Expert.
thinkingaboutit said:
Where can you get these registration plates that can't be read?

Caveat Emptor though. Numerous tests on various motoring shows and mythbusters have pretty much proven that these do not work!

I think the only thing that worked was when the Hamster tore past one in a supercar at Mach 3 or something so he was gone by the time the camera flashed.

Still, that has never stopped the mugs from parting with their money then racing past a Gatso only to receive a surprising brown envelope a few weeks later which relieves them of a few more of their hard earned benefit pounds :lol: :lol: :lol:

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