Increase in army advertising on the web and TV

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by you_cant_see_me, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. Anybody noticed an increase in advertising to the civvi world for army employment? Sidebar ads on web and on the TV and such like...

    Isn't a bit weird that this is occurring with cuts imminent?
  2. I doubt there is an increase. You are prob just more aware of it. Your perception of the Army as a career has changed because of the cuts and now you are more aware the advertising.
  3. There has been (9 weeks, so it might be still ongoing.) a campaign to boost recruitment. A mix of TV commercials and online banners, however, it has only been aimed at boosting recruitment within the 17 – 21 year old age bracket.
  4. Im a part of this current campaign, crated to high hell lol
  5. The Berlin wall was still standing when the Govt took a chainsaw to the orbat in 89-90 at the end of the cold war. When the words "ease springs" is heard for the last time in the stan you can rest assurred your Regl colours will be hanging in St Pauls Catherdral before you've unpacked your suitcases.....
  6. Just watch - we're going to lose a deployable Brigade. Which one is is going to be ? Eeeny...meeny...miney mo.....
  7. The Army has done really well in the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development's Recruitment Marketing Awards 2010,

    Not only have they scooped 4 out of 15 of the following categories but the main award (Grand Prix) as well:

    Campaign of the Year

    Recruitment Website

    Recruitment Effectiveness

    Digital Recruitment

  8. Yeah I figured that because of my constant thinking of the Army that I would notice things more, but a campaign too, glad im 21 :)