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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archimedes, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. This is interesting....

    It seems to be lead opnion peace in the Times tomorrow (1 Nov 08). I'm not quite sure when the last time a 'paper expressed this sort of opinion as a leader.

    Will having the flagship of the Murdoch printed news empire stating that Gordon has dropped the ball on this one make a difference this time, I wonder? Shot across the bows from Murdoch regarding support for Labour at the next election, perhaps?
  2. First, I don't think that Murdoch is so bothered about British troops that he has directed his editors to make the case for increased funds for MoD.

    Second, I don't see any increase in public admiration for HM Forces. I do see the same understated respect for people who are giving up so much for their country.

    Third, anyone who thinks that the Tories are going to give MoD the slice of pie it needs to allow us to fight the war comfortably is living in cloud cuckoo land. Their stated economic policies are lowering interest rates and CUTTING PUBLIC SPENDING. If they get in prepare yourselves for Nott part 2.

    In my opinion, this is just more Tory media bashing the government.
  3. Any proof? Message i got from George Osbornes speech was that he was going to put more money in peoples pockets by lowering taxes.

    I hardly think that there is going to be a Nott #2, there aint anything left to cut after all is there?

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    Al Beeb
  4. What planet are you on, Sven?

    Do you think the tories can do a worse job than the current incumbents regarding defence?

    You need to get on board the Tory train, Sven. Keep pushing the Libs and you may be stuck with Liabour for another four years.

    I suppose that suits you though. They've paid your 'wages' for the past 11 years.
  5. Not suggesting that Murdoch Jr. is interested in service personnel, Sven, just interested at the fact that it appears that the Times may have decided that the issue is one worth running with. Defence as a broad political issue hasn't really interested the media for quite some time now.

    I'm not sure that the Tories are thinking of Nott Mk 2, either. Osborne's speech criticising Brown's approach was explicit in saying that the 'spend your way out of recession' approach 'means you end up spending more on paying debt interest than defending your country or educating your children.'

    Again, an unusual placing of defence (which never wins votes, supposedly) into the debate - and ahead of eductation, or the NHS or many other things. Also, there would appear to be some suggestions that some of the public spending cuts may be achieved by cutting or amalgamating quangos which consume a vast sum each year, in spite of Brown stating in 1997 that the level of spending was a disgrace and needed controlling. He's controlled the spending so it's doubled...

    I'm not suggesting the Tories would be better on defence merely wondering out loud whether or not the question of defence is beginning to become more of a political issue again, rather than simply being subjected to the well-meant but often inaccurate and ill-informed diatribes found in the Torygraph and Lewis Page's outpourings.
  6. First day of all Tory governments.


    First, cut public spending (QUANGOS, middle-men, NHS management teams, Health and Safety coordinators, Community Cohesion Officers, etc),

    Second, increase defence spending.

    Thats the way it works. Has never changed, never will do, thats why we vote Tory.
  7. Do you actually know who Nott is, Rothney, and why he offered to resign in 1982 (and why he did not go for re-election in 1983)
  8. We do hence why your comparison is as relevant as comparing a small furry mammal to The Entire Works of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy.

    Whats your point sven?
  9. Rothney puts forward the view that Tories put up defence spending - we both know that this is not true - hence bringing Nott into the equation.

    Does anyone seriously think that the Tories are going to pump money into MoD and cut taxes as well?
  10. Yes.
  11. Yes, but Nott was a dodgy sort of chap - after all, he was a Liberal MP to start with....

    Yes, I know he was one of those splitters in the National Liberals and thus not a proper Lib
  12. It's so nice to have you back Sven.
  13. Unfortunately, he's never actually gone away.

    I'll wager you'll eat your words once he gets in to his usual swing of opinionated bollox. :roll:
  14. Since I haven't gone away - surely I should be in my swing of opinionated bollox :D
  15. The only thing you should be swinging in is the hangman's noose, you tool.

    Are you still ill?