Incorrect tool usage

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Reported on Reuters today,

    "Rio de Janeiro. A man died when he tried to open what police believe to be a rocket propelled grenade with a sledgehammer in a workshop."

    Of course any MI Op knows he should have used an ordinary ball-pein (sp?) hammer.

    Any other tool/weapon misuse stories uncovered in our glorious careers ? (Yes, there's an obvious joke here.)
  2. Not the first time....

    3 Danish EOD operators and a handful of German operators died in Kabul as the result of trying to open an SA3 warhead with a hammer and chisel. Not one of them trained in exploitation. :( :x :( :x

    They were all working on different parts, one even straddling the missile.

    The worst part was an officer, who had suggested that they shouldn't be using an electric screwdiver, prior to the incident, had been told to mind his own buisness and that's what he went off and did.

    I have a sick sense of humour... but still I can't joke about this one... it will always make me sick to my stomach... EOD types, of all people, have to know their limitations, and never put anyone else at risk... especially subordinates.
  3. Don't get me wrong. Didn't mean to have a laugh at the likes of EOD operators etc. Greatest respect for them. However, this scrote in Rio was apparently a member of a drugs gang so I don't feel too bad about having a smile on my face when I read it.
  4. Oh no, don't get me wrong... that's funny as fcuk. Makes me actually want to sing "Sledgehammer". In fact that would be quite a fitting song at his funeral (if they find enough to bury) don't you think?

    (I was just letting off steam about an old issue, that I have trouble dropping, and suddenly found an audience.)
  5. No problems.

    There was the story of one junior officer who, in the section office in a sandy place, picked up an unusaul Russian grenade which had just been recovered by an Int Corps weapons WO.

    "It is safe, isn't it ?" he laughed as he jokingly removed the pin. WO reaches across the desk and manages to throw it out the window in time. Mind you, the Locally Employed Civvie who was brushing up outside had a bad case of ringing ears for a few days. But strangely no injuries.

    (Perhaps that's not "weapons/tool misuse" but just "typical young officer" story.)
  6. According to Grandad FB, during WW1 in the trenches, they used to hang their gas capes over the front of a dugout to keep the rain out.

    He told me they used .303 for nails and Mills Bombs as a hammer. I was only about 8 when he told me this, so he may have been bluffing.
  7. At least they had the tools. Unlike today. Can't find a decent brass shell to use as a penholder....blah blah blah...

  8. Brass shellcase, 105mm light gun, I believe, is at the side of our fireplace. Mrs D-al-I used to be in an Arty regt. Very useful for holding poker, coal tongs etc.

    De-act WWII hand grenade as paperweight on my desk... I think it's de-act. And I've got an SLR cleaning tool for cleaning out my pipe. Very useful.
  9. On Telic (no numbers) the smokers were using an empty Iraqi shell case for their ash and dog ends until it was pointed out to them that it still had some propellant in side it. They quickly stopped!
  10. Sad story is one of the academic instructors at Sandhurst a few years back. He was a very knowledgeable yet funny and approachable bloke, well-liked by many. He had some od hand grenades in his study - supposedly deactivated -when one went off, killing him. Wife and kids asleep upstairs at the time. Tragic.

    Now, if you can call this a jollier note, saw a photo in an inf mess once of Malcolm Rifkind, then Secretary of State for Defence, on the ranges in one of those classic "do you fancy firing this, Sir?" situations. He's having a go on the 81mm mortar - "go on, Sir, feed the round in there" - and is putting it in the wrong way, top of the round just about to go into the barrel. Behind are lots of people with looks of abject terror on their faces either running for cover or hurling abuse/advice. Apparently he took it in good stead after he and all around had shat their pants after the instructors intervened in time.