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I was recently rejected due to a six month history of back pain which appeared on my medical records, however I have not ever suffered with back pain for that long, I have seen my doctor and he has said that if it is in my medical records then there is nothing I can do as he cannot remember that far back and the only information he has are my records, the only thing I can think may have happend is that the dr misinterpreted what I said in the consultation which was due to back pain resulting from a job which I had been doing for six months this was two years ago, due to which I went to see him to get a note putting me on light duties for two weeks. I'd been doing the job for six months not been suffering from back pain for six months!

My doctor is going to send a letter to the selection center with the exact entry from my records transcribed, is there anything else I can do or is this just one of those things?
Can you get any documentation relating to prescriptions, indicating what medication you received, for how long and how many times?

If you had a chronic back problem, you'd expect to have repeat prescriptions.
I had no prescriptions I didn't take anything I rested my back for a couple of weeks and havnt had a problem since and I'm still doing the same job, which is why this is so frustrating. The only thing I have for can get is the letter the doctor wrote to work.
Freedom of information act means you can request a copy of your med records through admin chain. Worth while doing! I found out last week that my med centre here had been filing someone elses enclosures in my med docs.
If you have a popular surname it can happen too easily, may just be that he did someone elses consultation on your medical records on the computer.
If you find out this has happened, report it asap to med centre as it can have serious repercusions as they then may not have full details of things like allergies and past medical history that may save your life sometime.
If you want any info any from here, PM me and i'll try and get info for you.
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