incorrect compression

just had a failure come up via firefox saying the site couldn't be loaded because it uses the incorrect compression protocol.
I used to get it all the time when attempting to access the site through a University network, after the ARRSE upgrade last year.

Fortunately for me, I have now told them where to shove their job and it's no longer an issue.
Iv'e found Firefox to be a bit buggy under Linux which is where it started i believe but Chrome is even worse. A good fast browser is Opera.
hasn't happened since
OK, thanks. Please let me know if it does, and if it is a recurring thing then I'll do some digging.
Will do.
When it happened to me it affected all browsers. I put it down to the perennially shite university network; among their most exciting innovations was the ban on sending attached files so as to keep the bandwidth free for, erm, the transmission of large files.
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