Incoonsiderate neighbour stuck a 20 ft high mast at the bottom of his garden.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bumblebee89, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. Just come in and the radio ham neighbour behind has stuck up a 20ft high radio mast and says it's well within the legal height for a residential area. This mast is right at the end of his garden which means all that separates it from my house is a 2ft wide hedge.
    The man is an obnoxious ******** who starrted screaming at me within seconds of answering the door even though I didn't even raise my voice. I'm fuming and can't believe that it's ok for him to put up an eyesore like that when it could affect my house value.
    Long shot probably but does anyone on here have any idea where I stand legally with this dick?
  2. He might be a **** but is it really a problem? How is it different to a lamp post?
  3. Stop being precious and indignant. 20' is f*ck all. Daily Mail readers!
  4. Borrow some ECM off the sigs troop.
  5. I hate radio hams with a passion.

    Buy a .22 air rifle and deep within the confines of your own house slowly pick the thing to pieces...
  6. I've just put up a 20ft washing line post in my Mum-in-law's garden, has that destroyed the property values as well?
  7. [​IMG]

    If you think that's as unobtrusive as a washing line you're dippy. In my opinion it's an eyesore and I don't want to have to look at it everyday, if I think that the chances are some potential buyers will be as 'precious' as I am. It doesn't help the man is a cnut of the first degree and has an equally irritating hobby of playing his keyboard outside and singing along to Barry Manilow songs while he accompanies himself on the steel drums.
    Thanks Keefy those links were a great help. Looks like it's a bit of a subjective issue, if it wasn't smack bang on my boundry/ blended in a bit more it wouldn't be such a problem but I feel the least he could have done was consulted us.
    Apparently because he reckons he's well within his rights he didn't feel the need to give anyone a heads up.
  8. Also for the record I hate the Daily Mail with a passion ;-)
  9. Well I can see why you're pissed off. A man who can play a keyboard and steel drums at the same time is aa abomination, either a mutant or possibly even a foreigner. Plus the weight of his antenna has clearly made the earth's crust tip over 90 degrees.

    Sue him.
  10. So sorry, the equally irritating hobbies. There's no need to be sarcastic and to try and provoke me, good for you if you're laid back enough that if something like this happened it wouldn't bother you. It bothers me, if you think I'm being precious I don't much give a toss.
  11. You'd have whined anyway you dripping penis. Can you send me his address and I'll post him my Barry Manilow and Kenny Rogers sheet music collection.
  12. Have I wandered into the NAAFI? I thought this was the intelligence cell, my bad.
  13. Got that address I've some fast growing leylandii your neighbour needs to hide your existence.
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