Inconvenient surnames

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Jokes' started by Freddie010, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. Ok, I posted this in the jokes forum because it is rather a silly post, but one that I actually am serious about getting an answer for.

    Ok so, If your family/surname is already that of a military rank, what happens when you join the forces?

    for example I know people with the surname "Major" and "Sergeant" So would you be addressed as Private Major or Sergeant Sergeant etc.

    Thanks :p
  2. CUNT springs to mind.
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  3. I did know a Cpl Sergeant, and yes, when he was promoted he was Sergeant Sergeant
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  4. AAGF


    Sergeant Sargent was my neighbour in Munsterlager back in the early '70s. He was RA and from Barbados and a great bloke.
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  5. When I joined brats (JLRRA) there was a lad in our intake who's surname was Rea (as in the singer, Chris). On passing out he proudly became Gunner Rea his recruiting sergeant obviously had a wicked sense of humour.
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  6. I remember at primary school, the bloke in charge of the whole school was called Bates.........

    No, its OK, I ve got my mobile
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  7. was that Bassingbourne circa 1988?
  8. I knew a WRAC Officer in the 80s, Major "Mam" Orries, great lass
  9. Nope, Sarajevo 1995/96
  10. Lol Wag tail, I wouldnt much have liked to have been him.

    Thanks for the responses so far.
  11. LMFAO!!!!!!!
  12. We had a Miss Carriage as a teacher once!

    And of course the famous Richard Head must have loved his parents.

    But Hunt as a surname seems to have way too many opportunites.

    One of the odder ones was a bloke called Baker-Baker????? Why?
  13. Had a Robin Hill at school whose mum remarried to a Mr Hood.

    They let him get away with 'Robin Hill-Hood' but everyone still gave him hell.

    Also had a foreign guy in basic called Parsz, pronounced 'Parts', good job he was RGJ as he was 'Rifleman Parts', had he joined somebody else he'd have ended up 'Private Parts'
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  14. We had a lad in our entry called D. Guess - always a laugh when he was asked what his name was and he came back with the reply "Guess, Sir!"

  15. We had a Bod called Dick Toomie, who we christened "Strappa". how we chortled!