Inconsiderate Deaths

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Moodybitch, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. My colleague has just got back into work after a very long walk back from Green Park. (It's not a long walk, but he got lost).

    Anyway, the reason he had to walk back was due to the fact that someone had jumped under a tube on the Victoria Line, so they all got taken off the train.

    What a selfish way to commit suicide. Why do these fcukers have to ruin everyone else's day because they are having a sh it time of it?

    Chucking yourself under trains is the most annoying way of topping yourself in my book. Why can't these people just poke off this mortal coil in a considerate manner?

    It's got me to thinking if "the jumpers" are indeed the most annoying of the suicide group, or if any ARRSERS can "top" my claims.

    It's over to you.......
  2. Fcukers who kill them selves on motorways and hold every body else up,bastaards the lot of them
  3. Well strapping yourself with explosives and detonating yourself in a croud seems fairly inconsiderate......
  4. Actually I'm still giving this some thought and have another that could knock "the jumpers" off the top spot, although granted this is not a suicide.

    Having a heart-attack while on the job has to rank one of the top ten inconsiderate ways to die, especially if the other person wasn't finished.

    Due to the selfishness of the person who died, is it acceptable to keep going until you are finished in this instance?

    Or should you follow normal procedures and just roll off and nick their wallet on the way out?
  5. the ones who neck 200 paracetamol...and then take 6 months to die from liver failure!
  6. as long as they stay hard,business as'd be rude and disrespectful not to under those circs i feel!
  7. We've got a big fat ugly old bird that works in the guardroom. She's getting on a bit and smokes like a feckin chimney. She coughs her guts up all the time, even in the faces of people coming to get passes, feckin vile she is.

    Anyways, all the lads are bricking it incase she keels over and needs mouth to mouth or something. Me and the boss are safe due to the rank has its privelages thing but I feel sorry for the lads.

    Feckin inconsiderate her smoking and being a heart attack waiting to happen if ye ask me.
  8. I read somewhere that generally when women commit suicide they are more considerate about the after affects than blokes tend to be. cf slashing wrists in baths to catch all the blood and reduce clean up measures. And Sylvia Plath, of course, who made her two children a tray with sandwiches and milk and put it in their bedroom before stuffing a towel in the gap under the door and putting her head in the gas oven. It's a very good thing the people who found her didn't switch on a light when they came in.

    At least jumping under a train is all but guarenteed to finish the job. I think anyone would have to be beyond giving a sh!t about anyone else to do such a thing.
  9. What about arse to mouth at the moment she finally coughs a lung up?
  10. Sylvia Plaths death whilst tragic was also a very considerate way to go. Psychiatrically (IIRC) she'd been suffering severe depression for years and hadn't received any form of treatment.
    FWIW most unsuccessful suicides are cries for help : an exceptionally small percentage of successful suicides are long-planned (most are reactions to acutely stressful events).
    An inconsiderate way to die? Who knows. A painful way, but rationalised by extinguishing other pain - perhaps.
  11. She also had an absolute barsteward of a husband who imho drove her to it in the end. If I were in her shoes, I'd have taken him with me :pissedoff:
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well how inconsiderate is that then? At least successful self-toppers have the decency to finish the job. Unsuccessful take all the time of professionals who STILL have to clean up, provide psychiatric support/lock-up facilities with the attendant risk that comes with it because they are still breathing and may do it again. TWICE the inconvenience.
  13. Oh fuuuuck off you two. I put this in the naafi for a reason.

    I wanted to mock peoples deaths, not get all Clare Rayner on the ARRSE fraternity.

    Personally, I think her kids had a lucky escape, I read somewhere that they said her sandwiches were sh it and the milk was off. So she wasn't that considerate was she.
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    In Kingston some years ago, shortly after Care in the Community had closed down most of the local Institutions (and around here, there were 5 Hospitals, each with over 2,000 patients) some poor man stood at a road junction, and just before the ligts turned green knelt and put his head under the rear axle of a loaded tipper truck.

    Not a cry for help, but a bloody mess. Mucked up traffic for hours as well.