Incompetent Criminal Lacked Firearms Prowess

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. From the Associated Press:

    WICHITA, Kan. - A botched kidnapping ended with one of the assailants shooting himself in the groin, Wichita police said.

    The man had just stuck the gun back into his waistband when it fired, shooting him in the left testicle. He cringed, causing the gun to fire again and strike him in the left calf.


    The [guy with the new hole in his groin and his associates] were attempting to kidnap a teen in a dispute over stereo speakers, police said.

    "Would-be kidnapper shoots own left testicle, police say, then nails left calf" 15 November 2006
  2. lol obviously not scouse-trained
  3. Kidding aren't you - the boys round norris green fire more ordnance than your average tommy will in a lifestyle, and yet still only hit each other once in a blue moon. I say if the boys in North Liverpool want to shoot each other, let's provide them with training - they can thin out there numbers then.....