Incoming CGS Gen Sir David Richards KCB CBE DSO ADC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by postman_twit, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. A Military coup within the first week?

  2. Softly, softly catchy monkey (and the CDS post)?

  3. Do nothing until the Tories are in power then remind them very loudly of their promises?

  4. Quielty bangs his head off a brick wall until frustration and retirement kicks in ala 'Dannatt&

  1. So how do you think that the new CGS is going to perform in the murky world of the cesspit called politics? We are well aware that the outgoing CGS has performed an heroic rearguard action but what can we expect from the new top dog?

    Inital indicators may show a tendency for a mobile flanking manoeuvre as opposed to a direct full frontal assault.

    The floor is open............

  2. Good luck in the new job, I think he is going to need it with all the daggers that will be flying his way from the failing politicos that will be surrounding him.

    Best approach will be softly softly then stick the knife in silently :)
  3. I think he will offer his full support to the Brown Gang so as to not end up in the Gen Dannatt situation. He has already given his full support to the MOD.
  4. Not sure how to vote in the poll. He has a degree in politics and economics which makes him more qualified to run the country than 'Clown' Brown.

    I hope for the Army's sake he will concentrate on two things.

    Firstly, obtaining a clear aim from the government for the operation in Afghanistan.

    Secondly, obtaining appropriate levels of manpower and equipment to conduct the operation in Afghanistan.

    Those two should keep him busy until this awful government is binned.

    Further, I hope he will bear in mind how much appreciated and well respected General Sir Richard Dannatt was, in comparison to his predecessor Jackson.

    PS: Being 'picky' he is an ADC(Gen) - not simply 'ADC'.

  5. Apologies. What alternative option would you have preferred to have seen in the poll?

  6. Oh! P-T, I had no intention whatsoever of offending you, not of criticising the choices in the poll.

    I have voted (Secret!).

    As for the 'ADC(Gen)' bit - not a dig but a simple fact. Please take no offence.

    99% of posters on here will be praying and willing Sir David to be a great success.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    ...which makes me wonder if sees his future career as a polititian or as a military officer. It also means he has been thinking this way for a long time.
    Time will tell.....
  8. His future career? Well, he has at the most 6 years left (assuming things work out as 3 years CGS and 3 years CDS), so a future career as a military officer is soon to come to an end. A second career as a politician? Well, let's see if he's as good as we all seem to think and hope he will be, then politics might call - and possibly SofS for Defence could be a good target for him to aim for.
  9. The Tory's or who ever is in power post election will not have large sums to spend on defence.
    Forget Politicians promises, Defence will be chopped like with many of Nue Labour ideals, which cannot go spending as though Britain was still 3rd or 4th richest cuntry.
  10. Would that be poacher turned gamekeeper or vice versa?

  11. God i hope he has no plans for a future political carreer as if anything will stop him rocking the boat now that would be it
  12. I hope he plays the long term game, and plays it with the Conservatives while they still seek office. The Conservatives would do well to make an ally of this chap, because you can see what bad publicity Labliar got.

    Of course, the Conservatives know that they've got time to make fcuk-ups and upset people during their honeymoon period, but they'd do well to keep in mind that the armed forces and the way they are treated has repercussions - sometimes long after the event.
  13. Reading the incoming CGS remarks he seems to identified his enemy already. The capital budgets of the Royal Navy and The Royal Airforce. ;) Well done that man.
  14. Do we really think that it would be good for the Army for us to have a fast-jet jockey, and all the consequent pointless toys, permanently in the CDS seat?

    If so, would accepting a CGS who fights hard for us in the corridors of the MOD and the Treasury but is a bit quieter in the media be a reasonable price to pay?

    Questions, not statements.
  15. In my time it was generally recognised that the service who were best at the Whitehall infighting were the Royal Navy. They seem to be better trained and prepared for it. Indeed at the very highest ranks they tended to promote those with those qualities as opposed to war fighting commanders. It might make sense !