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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rasman, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. When US Armed Forces serve (in action) overseas they do not pay income tax; if a member of the US Armed Forces is wounded in action (overseas) and gets shipped home he/she does not pay income tax until recovered from said wound.

    Several other countries treat their Armed Forces similarly.

    This is NOT the case in the UK Armed Forces who pay income tax on ANY earnings ANYWHERE.

    What are your feelings on this and can we do anything about it?
  2. Is this a wah??? ....... No one like paying Gordon Brown any of their money.

    If your out of the country fighting for your country then it's only fair if you ask me that you get a tax break especially as we're the only force in NATO that doesn't do it!
  3. With Grumpy Gordon in charge of taxation, probably not.
  4. This is not a "wah" (whatever the hell that is), but an attempt at a serious discussion about something that affects all serving Armed Forces Personnel.
  5. It has been discussed numerous times on many threads through-out this forum.

    You sure your a Rasman?
  6. Not knowing what a 'wah' is, hints at someone not actually in the forces...more like someone on a fishing trip.
  7. My point exactly Howay..
  8. has this subject been done to death or what?!!
  9. "Rasman" is a nickname obviously. Or are there really people out there called "Wedgy" and "Filbert Fox"? I am ex-Army having left in '85. Before some of you were born I expect and whilst we still spoke English. By the by, if someone were on one of your so-called "fishing trips" (I've seen it mentioned in several threads) what exactly would they be expecting to catch?
  10. Rasman is also a term used for the RSM, funny coincidence that.

    No need to be hostile Rasman, the point you made about income tax is a very relevent one but, alas, has been done to death on a number of theads.
  11. This subject can be found in several current threads through out the site.
    The site is also dripping with journos claiming to be serving soldiers and leading comments such as:

    instantly puts people on journo alert, as do "Im just back from Afghanistan, my mate was injured, his treatment in the UK was shocking, has anyone else got stories of being badly treated by the MoD after being wounded in action'. Look around the site a bit and youll spot the journos a mile away. So what are people trying to catch on fishing trips? A story for their newspaper of course.
    I was born when you left the forces, in fact Id been in a year!
  12. I joined the year after you left.
  13. Aha! The light has just gone on! No Journos! I never twigged! You learn something new every day! Take my word for it, I'm no journalist. Stumbled on this site by accident. Tell you what I'm noticing though; don't service people worry about the oddest things!!? Some of the threads are tres weird to say the least. I'm off now, starvin' hungry!
  14. Thing i don't understand is that yes a journalist could come on here to get information by pretending to be a soldier, but what if the information they recieve is off someone else pretending to be a soldier. With no proof of the identity of people on here, they have no grounds to print any information they should obtain on here.

    In theory the journey could have many seperate accounts and talk to himself, in threads, to get just the story he wanted. Rant over.
  15. ^ Fair point, but (un)fortunately they do go ahead and print comments made on this site and even lable the comments with the user name.

    And your theory is correct, don't be surprised if they don't try it in the future. Could be you have just switched on a bulb in one of the're heads...