Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by 20NOV1917, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Apologies if this has been posted already ladies & gents, but was seeking some clarification. Re the likelihood of not having to pay tax on ops, or as a defence minister called it on BBC today - a financial incentive for retention, me n the chaps at work have been talking and wondered if anyone could clarify the following..
    a. the £2240 that folk would get back is only related to the lowliest rank's rate of tax for the 6 month period, so even a WO1 or higher wouldn't get his/her normal tax back and
    b. a person needs to do 6 months continuous days (not cumulative) to get the dosh. (This was according to my Sqn clerk - surely he must be in the know???)

    Any comments please, or is it just another way of the Army and Govt fleecing the blokes (and girlies of course)
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    a. Correct - 2240 is your max payable amount.

    b. It is done by pro rata (based on a six month tour) or daily rate.

    Can anyone answer why Bliar's lot can't meet the Income tax add back to be paid to the individual as per his actual tax bill as suggested by the Tories other than the normal "Brown's a tight b@stard" line.

    Whilst 2240 is not to be sniffed at, it is the minimum spend by our illustrious leader and hangers on. Why has the rate been set at his level other that this is the cheapest option? Answers on a postcard please.........

    Has the press picked up/worked this out yet?
  3. Anybody received the Working Families Tax Credits brochure through the post recently? The one which points out that if you leave the country for more than 8 weeks you have to tell them so that they can reduce your payments?

    Good old BliarBrown, they were never going to make this cost-neutral were they? Wouldn't be a bonus if you didn't finish up worse off than when you started.....
  4. I love it when i stir up a hornet's nest....... :twisted: :twisted:
  5. So what's the position for the lads normally based in, eg Germany? Do they lose LOA or has that already gone? :?
    This all seems like nothing more than sound bites from politicians. Unfortunately, the lads still serving can't speak up, look what happened to a certain army commander recently :x
  6. We keep the LOA (though it drops to residual rate if single/unaccompanied). I dno't know what the big brewhaha was about germany based Soldiers losing money was all about.

    I second the opinion about the 'bonus' being crap for anyone who pays £500 a month in income tax. However, seng as the tax office cocked up tax credits, could we see them giving an individuals tax back effeciently? Personnaly I'm smarting from the bonus only being back dated to 01 Apr 06, as I only qualify for 21 days. My tours in 2003, 2004, and the full tour of 2005/2006 don't count. And while I'm on a roll, why was my £1300 LSSA bonus taxed? I only got £800 in hand. It's all a f'ucking con.

    Mutter mutter mumble mumble....
  7. I have it on good "pay" authority that in actual fact this bonus will simply be applied at £12 per day for those deployed on operations. The details of how this will be executed are a little unclear at present but a formal document has been issued stating the £12 daily rate. Nobody has mentioned the changes to LSSA (due to JPA) yet have they...
  8. Soooo! If it's 'simply' added what if that pushes some to the higher tax bracket of 40% :?
  9. Same as the FRI given to aircrew, sorry to big it up but the principle's still there... Why did SNCO aircrew only get 30k, offr aircrew get 50k (this was only due to all the FJ pilots gettng out so we managed to get on that bandwagon but it's finished now), all the FRI were taxed and Nat Ins paid, so most of us got 16k, yet if we leave before the 5yr time retention is up, we have to pay 30k back.. Either way, yeah it's better than bugger all when i was staying for the full 22 either way. Just trying to illustrate that whatever they give you, the cnuts take bask asap afterwards! Wife had already spent it as well :cry:
  10. As per the JPA OPERATIONAL BULLETIN #0610-019

    Earlier this month, Secretary of State for Defence announced that a tax-free bonus would be paid to personnel serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans. The bonus would amount to £2240 for a 6 month deployment, but will be paid at a pro-rata rate to all personnel who undertake tours in these locations for a lesser or greater period. Also, the bonus will be paid to all those who have served in these areas since 1 April 2006.
  11. Thanks, didn't get to see this stuff due to not being on JPA, nor closely involved in clerical/financial stuff. Clears it up anyway, the robbing gits :!:
  12. The TAX FREE allowance is £12.31 per day, backdated to 1 Apr 06 - still waiting for the mechanics of how to get it paid!!
  13. Special DSPSI No 11 06 issued today gives instructions on how to make payment - did all ours today!!
  14. Just done all ours aswell:
    £12.31 for every day spent in either Iraq, Afghan or the Balkans.
    Payable with all other allowances ie: LSSA, LOA etc.
    If hospitalised or killed on Ops in said theatre allowance is paid upto the expected end of tour date ie: on a 6 month tour get hospitalised or killed after 2 months allowance paid for 6 months.
    If captured by enemy allowance paid until return to home country (bonus if you dont get slotted by enemy and they keep you for ages :D )
    If your clerks are upto speed and pull their finger out you should have it in pay at end of this month :D
  15. How?
    What exactly have you all 'filled out'?
    RAF Chief Clerk's have had zilch info about this yet! They had a memo saying it would happen, but not when! Can anyone offer any firm advice?