Incitement to Religeous hatred Bill

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Letterwritingman, Sep 26, 2004.

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  1. gagging order to protect a minority

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  2. Will be fair and be applied to all religeons

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  3. a case of "Da Commissar"

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  4. An aid to the freedom of speech

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  1. Given some of the stronger threads on ARRSE eg the current 'Token Gesture' and the strong views exactly do we stand should Blunketts (Incitement to..etc ) Bill be enacted?

    How do you view this bill............ is it a general gagging order for the benefit of one religeon only?

    Legitimate and defensible and designed to prevent religeous hatred toward any and ALL religeons?

    Yet another attack on individual freedom of speech?
  2. Yup thats the one.
  3. There are two sides and I know which I’m on...

    To allow this law to pass would make it a crime to do so many things other than to use religious undermining of individuals and their beliefs, it would find it's way to allow censorship of the things we read and that our children are taught.

    This is a heavy hand that will sweep across our country and be misused to control those that are otherwise at the present time not causing offence.

    Be careful what you say, all words can be turned to the new KGB state of affairs and interpreted to be hateful and an incitement.
  4. britain is a free long as you conform to what Tony wants
  5. If is it likely to affect the lively debates we currently hold here on ARRSE?
  6. I think when a humanitarian organisation starts to show dissent you might be right……

    In whatever way they decide. If the tone isn't in keeping then they could act upon it. Might be time to look at Non British based sites IMHO it frightens the sh*t out of me.....

    But then what do I know......
  7. i'm just waiting when the government move to Calcutta to "save money"
  8. Best start looking into Punjabi courses....... :roll:

    Now I am the last person to be called racist, (and I priding myself on that fact and I will defend anyone's right to their religious and moral beliefs,) but how sad is it as I finished sending this, what I thought was funny, my guest just said 'I wonder how it will feel to be in the minority' and I maybe just realised, I already am in my area and office.
  9. very very good
  10. Id rather be in Munchen in 1933 with a big nose and called 'Jacob'.
  11. Okey dokey, I'll just rustle up a time machine using a fairy liquid bottle and some sticky backed plastic....bugger Shep has scoffed the bottle
  12. Dont worry. I have one in my Kubelwagon.
  13. There's probably a law against that and if not Blunkett von dickkopf will enact one on der orders off riechsfurher "achtung spitfeuer over das channel" blair, verdammt tommies.