Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Sancho_Panza, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. I just went into my unit to claim incidentals for a 16 day course I was recently on. I 'phoned before I went in to make sure it was ok, when I got there I was then told no, they stopped incidentals last year, but I could claim for meals, if I had the receipts. Of course I don't as I was expecting to claim incidentals, nice of them to let me know beforehand though (not). Is it true that they've stopped this allowance?
  2. Incidental expenditure (IE) is still alive and kicking (although more of a lame horse right now). You are entitled to claim for every night out of bed (when accommodated in a mess/accommodation block/hotel) away from your duty station when on official duties (not exercise or ops) up to a maximum of 30 days for a grand total of £5 a night (anywhere in the world). You do not have to provide receipts for IE but you do have to state (when claiming) that it was used for newspapers, telephone calls and laundry. I would dig out the JSP but not from where I am at the moment.
  3. Planning and Preperation Prevents Piss Poor Performances!:)
  4. Your unit are takling shite, however if you told them you are claiming incidentals for food and not newspapers, laundry and phone calls then they are correct in not allowing the incidentals claim.

    It is still alive and kicking, albeit limited to a max of 30 days for any 1 absence.
  5. They told me I could claim for food, but not IE, which they said was scrapped. If they still refuse, which I'm certain they will, where do I go from here? If I can get access to a JPA terminal in another unit would I be able to do it there?
  6. Your jpa is linked to your unit, no matter where you put in a claim or leave pass etc it will go to your CoC
  7. They are talking absolute rubbish and I'm quite amazed that they are getting away with such a vague understanding of the regulations.

    As previously stated, you are certainly not entitled to claim for your food but you may claim unreceipted £5 per day for Incidentals - that is; laundry, newspaper and phone calls. What you actually spend it on is immaterial - but that's what it's for.
  8. Not that I wish to p*ss on any ones bonfire, however:

    "IE is a contribution towards personal expenditure, where expenditure has actually been incurred"

    The key bit to that phrase is in bold. You have to at least pretend that you are spending your Incidental expenses money on incidental expenses. ^~

    To the OP, log onto Army net (it can be accessed from the www), go into the reference portal (top right 3rd button from the left) and then go into

    SP 752-Tri Service Regulations for Allowances,
    Chapter 3 – Subsistence Allowance,
    03.0113 – Incidental Expenses (IE)

    a. Eligibility to Claim IE. SP are eligible to claim IE for overnight absences under the following circumstances;

    (1) When required to occupy Service single accommodation (ie when on
    temporary duty) away from the permanent duty station.

    (2) When required to occupy a hotel while Service single accommodation is not available.

    (3) When hospitalized on duty in the UK or overseas (the 30 night limit does not apply)

    (4) When assigned on a temporary basis to a Course where the individual is expected to resume duties at their previous unit on completion.

    Now, if you require someone to wipe your arrse :-D:-D
  9. There are 2 separate claims here:

    The first is for incidental expenditure. You do not have to provide receipts or any statement about what you spent so long as you are eligible to claim in accordance with CAARPS' post above.

    The second is your food. If you were accommodated in a mess or transit accommodation you will not be able to claim your food. If you were accommodated in a hotel then it is likely that you could claim for your food. If you do not have receipts you can try writing a statement and provide as much evidence about where you ate, cash withdrawals, credit/debit card invoices/statements and you may be able to recoup some of your food costs but you need to speak to a proper clerk who knows what they are talking about so you don't end up making a fraudulent claim. I suspect as you make no mention of reclaiming hotel costs that you stayed in camp and as such aren't eligible anyway.
  10. Fair one CAARPS - just being a bit of a 'wild one' there .
  11. Many thanks for the help everyone. I now have a copy of the relevant section of JSP752 from Armynet to show my unit. I'm still going to try to get access to an alternative JPA terminal to put this claim in. Hopefully I'll be able to do this, if not I'll show my unit JSP752, though I think they'll still challenge it. With this level of incompetence, (from a Captain), I've made my mind up and decided to transfer. If they can't get that right what else have they screwed up.
  12. Yes, they probably haven't been paying you your WILOW allowances whilst absent on duty. I would definitely check up on that - if you are married or living with a partner, then you can claim up to 250 Euro or equivalent for this allowance.
  13. Job jobbed. Got my claim in at a JPA terminal at a friendly unit I know who know their jobs.

    Thanks Cuddles, I'll look into that.

    Thanks again for the help everybody.
  14. I can't see how doing the claim elsewhere helps? I was under the impression that your jpa account knows what unit you are at ( assigned) and therefore should send any claims you put in to your reporting chain.

    Maybe some SPS type canshed some light?
  15. Whilst on the subject, say one was on a 9 month course spread over two locations (albeit the same course). Could IE be claimed for the first 30 days at location 1, before finishing the course at location 2 and claiming the 30 days there (approx 60 miles away involving a complete move)??