I am currently on exercise and am expected to be so for the next 3/4 months. I am currently in receipt of IE of 10 quid daily, we got notified from our clerk that as of the 1st Apr 10, overseas IE is to be going down to 5 quid and then you are only abe to claim for a maximum of 30 days.
Is this correct because if so i'll be worse off to the tune of about 300 quid for 3 months? :(

It's True. Look in the AGC forum, I think there is a thread covering it there.

Edited to add: Do you think they made it up for shits and giggles?
Is there a solution so the blokes are not out of pocket?
(I send course/tps on ex for 3 months plus as well)

Thanks for any advice
Move and track: The 30 days will be calculated by the number of days that the SP is in a 24hr location (or whatever it’s called). The clock will start again when and if the SP returns to their Permanent Unit Location, and then subsequently moves again. How you would get away with doing that and on what courses/exercises etc that you could, is another matter.
Not quite as easy as your OC ensuring that your ex finishes after the 10th night for a bit of LSA.

Edited to Add: Seventh night as it now is, time for bed.
Blokes out of pocket - you are having a laugh are you not.

How many people do you know actually spend all the money they claim back on IE, especially seeing as receipts are not required. It was a bit of a gimme was it not.

However, the OP said he was 'On Exercise', I seem to recall no IE is admissable for Field Conditions, which most exercises normally are.

At least in the cuts it didn't go back to the old allowance on MIE @ £1.50 a night for 30 nights 8O
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