Incidentals Expenses Claim

I wonder if anyone could give me a steer please.
I have recently attended my WO CLM which meant that Mon to Fri i was living in the mess for 3 weeks. Can I claim incedental expenses via JPA for this? I just tried but was asked for reciepts, i don't have the reciepts for papers etc that i bought!
If i can't claim then fair enough just don't want to miss a claim if i can have one.

You dont need receipts for IE. Please see my post under JPA help. If you require any further guidance I can give you chapter and verse.
If your course was before the 1 May then you need to provide evidence of your expenditure. A statement has usually sufficed for me breaking down my expenditure up to £5 per day in the UK (actually quite difficult to justify if sticking to the rules).

However since 1 May 2007 it is a £5 flat rate for each qualifying day with no requirement for receipts.

Any dramas PM me and I'll give you a reference for the authorising letter that your pay wallahs need to look at!

Thanks very much for your replies it is much appreciated,

Mate I got one of our desktop commandos to give me a hand with it and I was paid 4 days later straight into the bank acct. No receipts just £5 a day.
So far jpa so good
This is from JSP 752 para 03.0113 which should answer the question above: "IE are designed to cover necessary personal incidental expenses actually incurred when an overnight absence in a hotel or temporary Service single accommodation is occupied."
And, if you live out and the course was not at a PAYD unit, and you did not commute daily to the course (casual meal tickets) you should be charged for food for the duration, if you claim HTD that should not be paid for the duration and as the course was over 10 days and you were released for standown periods (weekends) you are eligiable to claim GYH (T), see your clerks and refer to JSP 752 and they will start and stop this allowance for you.
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