Incidental pay.

Does anyone have the definitive on incidental pay? I'm under the impression that it can be claimed for every night you are away from your TAC and not under field conditions, wether you are being fed for free or not.

I've since heard that you are only entitled to it if you have been at a PAYD establishment?!?

But incidentals are exectly that, incidentals. It has nowt to do with PAYD. If i'm on an annual camp and being fed for free then I'm still paying for my laundry, phone calls and papers exactly the same as I am on a PAYD establishment.

Confused of Dover.

Someone must surely know?
Talk to your pay Sgt. Some units do not advertise the fact that you can claim as it comes off their budget.
I have spoken to him, he says your only entitled to it if your at a PAYD establishment, bollox I say, incidental is exactly that, it's fcuk all to do with paying for food.
Claiming IE has nothing to do with PAYD. You can claim IE if you are staying in accn that is not your own unit's but you may not claim if on Field Condition or Transit Accn (such a a training Camp).
I'm aware of what I'm entitled to claim, just not sure for what type of training.

If as an example I'm deployed to another TAC, can I claim incidental pay? Can I claim it for an annual camp? Can I claim it for a trade camp? Can I claim it for a jolly to Italy?
So how do you know if your sqn is under field conditions when deployed to another TAC?

And I take it trade camps to sunny blandford count as a claim as does a jolly to Italy or anywhere abroad?
When I took part in the foot and mouth cull a few years ago I took over from another local unit. Their pay Sgt was present and she told me that we would be able to claim incidentals on a 1771 worth about £130 a week!!! I laughed and thought she was joking. Filled in the 1771 with her help and got the money each week for the time I was on the F&M. Apparently all of her unit get it while at annual camp. Not sure if they get that much assume there are different rates for different situations. Strange how my own unit did not advertise the fact of getting something to which you are entitled.
As far as i'm aware, as long as your away from your unit and not under field conditions then you can claim about £5 a day for newspapers, phone calls washing etc.
Just realised this is a TA question! My answer is i dunno then!
Belt_Twit said:
This might be a silly question, but why can we claim for newspapers?
I get newspapers delivered to my house daily, I pay for them weekly, when away from home I have to buy them(again so to speak). I do my laundry daily in my own machine, when away from home I have to pay for laundry. I have a telephone at home, when away I have to pay to stay in contact with my family/work/bank/shrink.
devilish, u can only backdate it to last May as that was when PAYD came in for TA, why have troops never claimed for it before????? Some ppl have been in for 20 +years and never claimed for it......The regs get LSSA, the TA dont, sounds like its to do with PAYD.
Feck all to do with PAYD, I'll get to the bottom of it somehow. PSAO wasn't too chuffed when I told him I was claiming but he certainly never suggested I wasn't entitled to it.
You can claim it if you have been on a course, ie Class one course
You will need authorisation, thats where your course number comes in, not actually managed to claim it yet but I think it goes under expenses and its your course days X £5

Is Beer an incidental expense ?

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