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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by kc1982kc, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. Was trying to put in a claim via jpa for a 2 month course i recently attended and it wouldnt process and said something bout a 30 day limit , could anyone clarify the guidelines for me please
  2. 'Tis true. IE is now £5 per day worldwide, and can be claimed for a maximum of 30 days.
  3. Roger , cheers for that thought it was just a nasty rumour or the rao looking for an mbe .
  4. So JPA said you can only claim for 30 days, yet you thought it was the RAO making it up - if only he had that power !!
  5. Why only 30 days?
  6. 'Cos that's the way it is.....

    Money savin' don'tch know!
  7. Couldn't you just drag an RAPC Cpl over the counter in the Pay Office and say "what do you mean only 30 days....." ?

    I take it that Pay parades with the "pay and Paybook correct, Sir" have long gone :wink:
  8. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Because it's a well known fact that after thirty days, your requirement for a newspaper, laundry and sundry other items cease, and you begin to magically have these things done or given to you for free.

    Just another cost cutting exercise. Bit of a pain when you're on a three month instructors course in the arse end of nowhere and it's £2to get your laundry done, which you need to do twice a week.

  9. Because within those 30 days you will have sorted out your newspapers, laundry and phone calls home to cover you for the rest of your absence.

    At least that's what the Directed Letter said when they cut it, cleary you should have bought a second hand washing machine with your £150 and charged everyone else on the course money to use it.

    How else are we supposed to cover the MP's expenses?
  10. I probably should have read the orders in regards to this, I kept on claiming every month after April and got loads of red writing on my JPA :S
  11. So that accounts for 4 pounds of your 5 pounds a day (or of your 35 pound a week). Your newspaper (which you would probably buy anyway at the same price) accounts for another seven pounds (or 8 if you splash out for two on Sunday) leaving you 24 pounds to last the rest of the week for other erm other essentials

    Life can be soooooooooooooooooooooooo unfair sometimes ^_~
  12. Have you tried putting in two separate claims for 30 days apiece ?
  13. The patient admin clerk at Headley informs me this has been changed back, so the 30 day limit no longer applies.

    (just passing on a message sluggy)
  14. So you get your laundry done twice a week on a 12 week course which is £48.00 but you can claim £150.00 for IE. that leaves you with an additional £102.00 for newspapers & phone calls home to mummy. Bet you used to make your own sandwiches or went hungry when out for over 5Hrs & demanded the system gave you £4 25.
  15. Quote from JSP 752:

    "IE is a contribution towards personal expenditure, where expenditure has actually been incurred"

    Of course everyone spends their full £5 pounds a day every day don’t they. People tend to forget the “actually been incurred” bit When they are getting outraged ;-)