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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by polar69, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. Folks I have been told I can claim £5 a day incidental expenses when I am away on a course. Question is how do I claim it ? I have found the incidental expenses page but when I try to enter two weeks worth it wont let me. Surely I dont need reciepts ?
  2. To the best of my knowledge, with incidental allowance claims you don't need the receipts to make the claim, however you may be asked to provide them in the future. I'm in that boat just now, got a shoebox in the cupboard filling up rather rapidly for "just in case"! I still need to start putting my claim info in, but I have been told by the clerk at my new posting that you cannot cover weeks at a time, but have to input each days claim individually.
  3. You do not need receipts for incidental payments, nor do you have to retain any for 'just in case' type senarios. Each day has to be submitted individually.
  4. Arse!!!

    On a recent jaunt to Bicester for Bowman inspired brain frying I claimed IE for every day I was there. I just simply claimed every Friday on JPA for the previous 7 days worth of IE. All I did was enter the previous Saturdays date and enter for 7 days at £5 a day, equalling £35 per week. Simple. If I put the date on which I was actually doing the claim, JPA got upset and refused to play.

    And the RAO at Bicester made it very clear that I should claim in bulk, rather than spend an hour sat there claiming one day at a time!
  5. I am not a pay or JPA guru, but I do spend a lot of time travelling and staying overnight. I therefore claim IE a lot.

    You CAN aggregate IE claims, I do this by putting the last date of the claimed period, 5 (or 10 if abroad) per day and the number of days. Easy as that.

    This may not be absolutely right but I've never had a claim returned. (touches wood)


    Edited to add: It is apparently per 24 hour period, not per day as such.
  6. The date should be the first night away from duty station and then enter the amount of nights away in the No of days box.

    Times by £5 for the actual amount (or £10 if overseas)

    I work in an RAO and we always ask people to submit claims for IE on return to the permanent assignment station.

    Not sure if it is the same at all units but 4 or more claims per month triggers an audit so would be silly to claim on a weekly or daily basis.
  7. when i did it last week, i put i was away for 5 days and then put £25 into the 'receipt' bit. was payed it a couple of days ago. So you can do it in bulk to answer the Q! just make sure the total days claimed = total time away!
  8. Elsie is correct. If you were to submit 1 weeks worth it should be aggregated.

    What's becoming clear is people, and I include some clerks, are not reading JPA Op Bulletins. It would save all concerned both time and grief.

  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Silly question I know, but have you tried ringing the help desk?