Incidental Expenditure

The old i.e was £5 per day which i have claimed before whilst on a course. What i now want to know is has it gone up to £10 per day? And just finishing my time in BATUS (3 months) as Temp Staff can i claim for I.E and if so how do i claim now were all on JPA. Any help would be greatful. Has anyone claimed this new rate yet?
£5 is the UK IE rate and £10 is the overseas rate. If you have a look at JSP752 to confirm that your circumstances make you eligible to claim. If you are, the process on JPA self service is straightforward, you will need to create a new expenses claim then select the Receipt Based Allowances 'tab' Sounds a bit at odds, I know, now that you don't need receipts for IE! Don't forget to print up a copy of your claim and attach the relevant paperwork, eg admin/joining instruction/temp assignment order etc. I believe that the length of time you need to retain this claim in case of audit is under question at the moment (so my SO2 tells me) but I've been telling my lot to hang on to it for two years.
Just trawled through JSP752 and the good news is on my interpretation i can claim for 3 months at £10 a day should be a nice extra for my summer holidays :)

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