Incidental Expences (IE) Allowance Change

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by working_with_choppers, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. Im aware the new IE allowance has changed back to its old guise from the 1st April 2010. Only difference being we can now claim the flat $5 (I realise its the dollar sign but my keyboards playing up.... Its means pounds) for the first 30 days.

    IE is to pay back for phone calls and newpaper and laundry etc.

    Would it be ..."acceptable" in terms of an audit to produce shopping recipits with washing powder highlighted (as washing machines are provided).

    20p for newspapers im not really bothered about.

    But in terms of a 3 minute phone call, Payphones dont issue recipits and phonecard phoneboxs have either been firebombed or decomissioned. So is it reasonable to claim back the cost on mobile phone bills as mil network phones wont let me access an outside line. Obviously i'll have an itemised mobile bill ready incase of audit.

    I also take it i'd be allowed to pool my minutes, so 3 mins a day is so small, i can have an half an hour phone call every 10 days etc.

    Any ideas or evidence to shoot my thoughts down in flames welcome.

  2. IE is £5 flat rate UK

    £10 flat rate overseas.

    The 30 day rule just means that you claim at least every 29 days on JPA otherwise it isnt authorised on JPA and you will be automatically audited. In other words you can claim for as long as you incur the expense but ensure you dont go more than 29 days without inputting your claim.

    If you are unable to provide a receipt just sign a statement explaining why (as in phone calls) and keep with the rest of your receipts for the 2 year period in case you are audited.

    You will also need any admin order relating to the claim as authority on JPA anyway.
  3. Not any more. As of 1st April it is £5 wherever you are.
  4. Oh great! Something else they have "stealth shafted" us on. The next thing will be them saying that IE pays for your food in PAYD establishments! (which appears to be the normal bleat when we pads gripe about paying for food when on detached duty):x
  5. That stops one of the old inconsistencies of IE. If you are Germany based you could only claim £5 a day for a UK course even though you were having to pay international rates for phone calls home, but could claim £10 a day for being somewhere else in Germany and only paying for national rate calls.
  6. As the daily rate is £5.00 and there's no requirement to supply a receipt unless its over £5.00 - what's the problem?
  7. Agreed, they take your word for it that you spent a fiver a day on a paper, Laundry and a phone call. No proof required, which is just as well in the majority of cases as really it was mainly beer tokens.
  8. My main point is that I'm on a 6 month course which misses being posted by 3 days! So I actually end up with 5 months ineligibilty for IE.

  9. Then surely you will be getting either LSA or GYH(M)?
  10. GYH (M) yep!

    I can't get LSA as I get weekends! And IE and GYH can't be claimed with LSA cancel eachother out!
  11. Are you still allowed to claim IE as temp staff attatched to BATUS?
  12. The problem is we are being ripped off on phone calls when overseas.. w*nkers!!
  13. On 1 Apr 10 IEs became a flat rate for both overseas and UK, they were aslo capped at 30 days WEF 1 Apr 10. The last day to claim the old £10 oversea rate and days in excess of 30 days was 31 Mar 10. IEs are non receiptable.
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