Incident on train.

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by taboo, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. My son started his leave last week.Left camp early to catch the train home.

    Its only a small station and is not normally open when he comes home early.

    They are normally happy to just sell him a ticket on the train(using his army rail card)Not this one!he was told you not allowed to use it on the train, it as to bought at the station.Guy was being a bit of a jobsworth i think but my son called him stupid :oops: And admitted he did swear when the guy was having a go.

    Now this guard or whatever he was as now said he oviously does not value his career in the Army and as there is only one camp in the area,he as every intention of ringing up and complaining about his bahaviour!.

    Just wanted to know if he should be worried about this.
  2. I got upgraded to first on Virgin Trains last year. Not company policy - just the ticket collector's "Members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces travel first class on my train, Sir" Quite humbling. Free coffee and scoff too.
  3. Sounds like no need to worry, just some little Hitler's power trip. If the guy was going to phone he would have done it by now. Tell your son to deny everything.
  4. Different policys for different train services annoy me in this country (well they did until I got myself a vehicle), I was once fined for getting onto a train without a ticket, where I come from you get onto the train and then buy the ticket. Having tried explain this to the jobsworth he was having none of it.
  5. This happened to my youngest coming back from Deepcut last month.He was really surprised.

    The son it happened to says he as never had any problems before anywhere,as even had a bouncer buying him a drink.

    Have to say this ticket collector also said he pays his tax's to have the likes of him protect him,it was said as he walked away i think thats when my son swore at him.I did laugh at that bit,it was his face when he was telling me :)
  6. Also had the same service from Virgin. Happy with that! Just wish I could remember the bloke's name so I could write a thank-you letter :scratch:
  7. Unless there were witnesses, if so then report the incident, and also mention discrimination of what the guard said about your son and unit?
    That what I would have done anyway.
  8. Thanks for replys guys.He is on leave for 2 weeks so will just see if anything is said when he goes back.
  9. Did he try to buy his ticket before 10am?
  10. Hi taboo,

    1. It could only ever possibly be a problem if said jobsworth had your son's name;
    2. It is in fact highly unlikely that even if he had your sons name he would try to do anything about it;
    3. Even if he did, then as a previous poster has said, your son should simply say that no, no such thing happened. He did try to buy ticket on train, station having been shut. He was polite throughout, but said jobsworth got arsey with him all the same;
    4. There is no proof either way. Its Jobsworth's word against your son's. To my mind that is insufficient to base any sort of charge on;
    5. And finally, what the eff is anyone going to do about it? Charge him with an offence contrary to good order and military discipline? I don't think so.

    Finally, has your son thought about complaining about the arsey jobsworth to the railway company and moaning that the fecker seems to spend his time p*ssing off paying customers? He knows the train destination and time of departure, so the jobsworth certainly could be identified. A reasonably worded letter explaining how the station had been shut and how he had therefore tried to buy the ticket on the train only to be met by a bolshy tw@t who was rude to him would be a start.

    All the best, Schweik
  11. The LAW states that you should buy a ticket before boarding a train if there is a ticket office open OR a working ticket machine at the station. If you buy your ticket on-train, then the full ANYTIME fare should be charged and no rail-card discounts given.

    I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just what the rules are.

    Swearing at the guard is not likely to help, just put his back up, and make him less likely to be flexible the next time he is dealing with a member of HMF - not to mention the impression it gives of soldiers to anybody else in the carriage.

    Having said that, I personally will frequently allow HMF (espically if in uniform) to travel in 1st class, and if the ticket office is closed, (or even open), I'd rather give the benefit of the doubt and sell the same ticket the ticket office will sell (whilst pointing out I am doing it as a favour) rather than waste time on an arguement (unless going Reading to Paddington or vice versa, in which case your ass is mine!!! :twisted: ).

    I do remember a paticularly stroppy Crab officer-type who got thrown off a train because they had lost/mislaid their ticket, refused to buy another one and told the (female) guard "I get shot at for the likes of you". He hit the platform so hard he bounced! He tried the same line on me as I was on the following train, to be told "I was running around in green when you were in prep school, wind your neck in - Sir". But I did carry him to his destination wihout charging him.

    ps. Shhweik, he wasn't a paying customer, that was part of the problem :wink:
  12. Yes,place so small surprised it even as a station! :) Its hardly ever open.

    He as never had a problem before and as been using the station for over a year,its just when its early.Normally is coming home on a fri so just buys a return.

    There were no witnesses.

    Just because you do a certain job you cant say they are all decent!Like i said he as never had a problem before and i know he would not have mouthed off unless something was said.I would of mouthed off and reported him :p

    There are jobsworths everywhere.
  13. Thanks Schweik,as helpful as ever :wink:

    Flamingo,There were no other people there but nobody would have known he was a soldier as he wasnt in uniform.Yes he did tell him to fcuk off right at the end only after he was going on about him paying tax's to have him protect him.

    He would not even think about reporting him for HIS attitude.Right at the start when he was going you cant use your railcard he just said ok,like he said to me its only a fiver :roll:and as he as always used it on the train before no reason why he wouldnt use it that day.
  14. Virgin would probably sack him for nicking their profit!
  15. I'm not saying that the guard was in the right, (morally if not legally), it's just that I have been in situations where, dare I say it, members of HMF have not been the perfect angels that some portray them as. (Not to imply for a second that your son did not behave correctly).

    If the booking office was not open, and there was no self-serve ticket machine or it was out of order, then your son should make a complaint, as the law is that in this case the Guard has to sell the same ticket that could have been purchased from the machine / booking office.

    However, if this was not the case, then boarding the train without a ticket is a criminal offence and the guard can only sell a full price ANYTIME (ie most expensive) ticket or if within certain areas, a penalty fare.

    Find out the situation, if appropriate then write to the train company. They will have records of the booking office opening times, and ticket machine failures.

    I'd say that a calm letter to the train company requesting clarification might have a good effect.

    Let me know if you want any advice (as you may have guessed, this is my day job!) :)