"Incident" at Camp Dogwood

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whistleblower, Nov 8, 2004.

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  1. BBC News 24 reporting an "Incident" north of Camp Dogwood - no details at present...........
  2. I'm told a suicide attack and possibly one fatality. Shi*.
  3. Confirmed. 1 BW KIA - 2 WIA.

    fcuk fcuk fcuk fcuk fcuk fcuk

    Crushing...fcuking crushing.
  4. My condolences.
  5. Condolences to the family :(
  6. One KIA, two WIA, one in serious condition. Looks like a roadside IED.
  7. Another tragic loss to be mourned; our thoughts can only be with the friends and families of those killed and wounded.
  8. i'm stunned.
    to the dead god speed,
    to the wounded again strong of body,
    to those left behind courage,
    to the families of all comfort soon.

    Beebs :cry:
  9. I am not stunned at all. I am deeply upset at another trio of fine men killed and injured.

    The other side are going to continue putting attacks in, to try and force public opinion at home. I believe those attacks will increase in tempo and ferocity, as the insurgents try and keep their supply routes open. I believe they will try and force a defensive posture to enable this.

    We will either get more robust, or reinforce. Withdrawl at this time isn't an option. The pessimist in me thinks they are going to try to get us to locally reinforce, then try and give the reinforcing column the good news on the way in.

    I believe in coming days, they are going to try for a spectacular. They don't care how many people they lose, if they can make us bleed, and keep up the chorus of horror and protest here at home.

    I am also getting increasingly titsy, at some of the embeds, inferring BW is not up to the task, not experienced in this form of warfare , the whole implication the US is better at this, in this region.

    On another note

    Journalists, STFU and do your job, which is reporting the news , in as cold and neutral a fashion as possible. I don't want your personal opinion on how BW is conducting it's operations, or if they are up to the task in hand :evil: :evil:

    Condolences to the family , friends and collegues of the fallen.

    (Angry and upset)
  10. You've said it for all of us, PTP. :cry:
  11. Fcuk!!!

    gutted, absolutely gutted, another good man not coming home to his family.

    Maybe not the place to vent anger here, but how fcuking mad am I

    Gimme 60 seconds with Hoon in a darkened room, then another 60 with Blair

    RIP fella and rapid safe recovery to the injured
  12. Repeated in full

    Copyright BBC News 2004

    Well there is one Officer who was under no illusion of the task in hand
  13. My sincere condolences to the familys concerned.
    But how many more Fcuking times will I have to say it?

    bLair do the decent thing and fall on your sword for once instead of the Jocks of the BW!
  14. i don't think it will get any easier, i just hope they keep their eyes peeled and stay safe.

    RIP and condolences to the Families of these brave men. :cry: