"Incident" at Camp Dogwood

I'm told a suicide attack and possibly one fatality. Shi*.
Condolences to the family :(
One KIA, two WIA, one in serious condition. Looks like a roadside IED.
Another tragic loss to be mourned; our thoughts can only be with the friends and families of those killed and wounded.
I am not stunned at all. I am deeply upset at another trio of fine men killed and injured.

The other side are going to continue putting attacks in, to try and force public opinion at home. I believe those attacks will increase in tempo and ferocity, as the insurgents try and keep their supply routes open. I believe they will try and force a defensive posture to enable this.

We will either get more robust, or reinforce. Withdrawl at this time isn't an option. The pessimist in me thinks they are going to try to get us to locally reinforce, then try and give the reinforcing column the good news on the way in.

I believe in coming days, they are going to try for a spectacular. They don't care how many people they lose, if they can make us bleed, and keep up the chorus of horror and protest here at home.

I am also getting increasingly titsy, at some of the embeds, inferring BW is not up to the task, not experienced in this form of warfare , the whole implication the US is better at this, in this region.

On another note

Journalists, STFU and do your job, which is reporting the news , in as cold and neutral a fashion as possible. I don't want your personal opinion on how BW is conducting it's operations, or if they are up to the task in hand :evil: :evil:

Condolences to the family , friends and collegues of the fallen.

(Angry and upset)

gutted, absolutely gutted, another good man not coming home to his family.

Maybe not the place to vent anger here, but how fcuking mad am I

Gimme 60 seconds with Hoon in a darkened room, then another 60 with Blair

RIP fella and rapid safe recovery to the injured
Repeated in full

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The British Army has refused to comment on e-mails reportedly sent by the Black Watch's commanding officer expressing concern at his regiment's redeployment.
The soldiers were moved from Basra in southern Iraq to an area near Baghdad, where they have suffered three deaths.

Lt Col James Cowan said he expected "every lunatic terrorist from miles around to descend on us like bees to honey", the Daily Telegraph reported.

He also said: "I hope the government knows what it has got itself into.

"I'm not sure they fully appreciate the risks."

The 1st Battalion of the Black Watch formed a large part of the 850-strong deployment which replaced US marines at Camp Dogwood, 20 miles (32km) from Baghdad, eight days ago.

But a combined suicide and mortar attack on Thursday killed three soldiers and injured eight more.

'Grimly prophetic'

The Telegraph reported Lt Col Cowan as saying: "The marines we have taken over from have taken nine dead and 197 wounded since July. I hope we do better."

BBC correspondent Ben Brown said the army refused to confirm the reports, saying they would not comment on private e-mails.

Our correspondent added that if the e-mails are genuine they are proving to be "grimly prophetic".

The latest attack brings to 73 the number of UK military personnel killed in Iraq - 31 of those as a result of enemy attacks.

The Black Watch battle group comprises 500 men and 50 Warrior armoured fighting vehicles
Well there is one Officer who was under no illusion of the task in hand
My sincere condolences to the familys concerned.
But how many more Fcuking times will I have to say it?

bLair do the decent thing and fall on your sword for once instead of the Jocks of the BW!
i don't think it will get any easier, i just hope they keep their eyes peeled and stay safe.

RIP and condolences to the Families of these brave men. :cry:
ViroBono said:
I echo PTP's sentiments.

My thoughts are with the family of the dead soldier, and with the wounded.
I also do the same.

Sincere condolences to the family and freinds of the dead soldier and a speedy recovery to the wounded.

Lest we Forget


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My condolencies to the family and friends of another fine man killed.
Wishing a speedy recovery to those injured.


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From the BBC:

Black Watch soldier dies in Iraq

The camp has come under repeated attack since troops arrived
One Black Watch soldier has been killed and two more injured in an incident north of Camp Dogwood, the Ministry of Defence has said.
A roadside bomb appeared to be involved and one soldier was "possibly seriously" injured, a spokesman said.

It happened north of the UK battle group's base at Camp Dogwood 20 miles, (32km) from Baghdad.

On Sunday, two bomb disposal experts were injured by a suicide car bomb and three died in an attack on Thursday.


A graphic video purportedly showing the suicide bombing at a checkpoint near Falluja has been posted on an Islamic website.

It showed the aftermath of the explosion and the dead and wounded being evacuated by military vehicles and a helicopter.

Troops bloodied but unbowed

Earlier on Monday two soldiers from the Royal Logistics Corps and the Royal Signals, who had been deployed at the camp, were treated in Germany for serious leg injuries.

They were said to be in a stable condition after being flown from Iraq.

They had been serving with the Black Watch group in a bomb disposal unit when their vehicle was rammed by a suicide bomber on Sunday.

The battle group includes an armoured reconnaissance from B Squadron, Queen's Dragoon Guards, elements of 40 Commando Royal Marines, and supporting specialists from the Royal Engineers, Royal Logistic Corps, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, and Royal Military Police.

It was redeployed to Camp Dogwood, in central Iraq on October 27, while US Marines prepared for their assault on Falluja.

Black Watch soldiers have blocked off a key bridge on the eastern bank of the River Euphrates in an effort to stop fighters and weapons being moved by Sunni insurgents.

'Vital role'

A Downing Street spokesman said on Monday night: "Our thoughts are with the Black Watch battle group and their families after this incident.

"As the prime minister said this afternoon, we salute their dedication, professionalism and sheer courage."

Earlier on Monday, Tony Blair told the Commons that the Black Watch are playing a vital role in Iraq.


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