Incest, the family game.



After reading a couple of threads,particularly the one with the MILF sucking Juniors cock I've come to the conclusion that fucking your relatives is coming back into fashion. I know I have a couple of distant cousins I would slip a length into.

Which relatives would you fuck then?
I dont know about fucking, but I would love to fuck up the girlfriends mother, preferably with the contents of several mags of 5.56 all to the head. Does that count?
I think theres been a lot of incest in the village i live in!! its the only place i know where people "high six" one another and we are twinned with Royston Vasey.!
Have you seen the football fixtures? Are your team playing against Middlesboro soon? A great song to sing to the Smoggies is this, to the tune of The Addams FAmily:

Your father is your brother,
Your sister is your mother,
They all fuck with each other,
The Boro family.

Da da da da (clap clap)
Da da da da (clap clap)
Da da da da,
Da da da da,
Da da da da (clap clap)

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