Incest is best ... well in Scotland is anyway.


Mark The Convict

I think it's worth a new thread, just to drag the whole vile business up again. Have a bloody good wallow in it.
#5 they say in the deep south........"If she ain't good enough for family she ain't good enough for others".
To my eternal surprise, they aren't from Fife.

Mark The Convict

Has the CCTV footage been leaked onto the net yet? I did a desultory search, but couldn't find anything.
Fuck me, she gets even more gopping everytime I see her.
To my eternal surprise, they aren't from Fife.

"When everything was being read out in court I just began shaking with rage. I felt like flying for Richard and I just felt nothing but disgust towards Kirsty.

"I asked her why she didn't tell me what had happened but she just said she was scared I would have left her.

"We left court together but sat in silence on the way home. It wasn't until the next day when all the windows in our house were put in that it hit me. I told her we were breaking up. She was devastated."
in fife he;

A. Wouldn't have been suprised

B. Wouldn't have had grounds to leave her

C. Would've attacked the woman if he was going to attack anyone

D. wouldn't have had windows in his house
Good to see the Scum were nice enough to mention he was a Bill Oddie once. Wouldn't want to miss that out would we?

TBF if she wad fit we'd be clapping and patting him on the back.
Fuck me the brother is an ex-squaddie, but knowing The Scum that could mean anything from ACF to lasted 2 days at basic

Yesterday The Scottish Sun revealed how jobless Kirsty, and ex-soldier Richard, who is in hiding, had admitted their "moment of madness" ruined their lives. Richard said: "I'm scared to walk down the street.
Of course Richard is scared to walk down the street, in case he see's his mum, can't help himself and bums her.
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