Incessant BBC propaganda - at your expense!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lsquared, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. For some time the BBC has broadcast incessant propaganda in favour of the current discredited and disgraceful government.

    Why should we, the tax-payers, stump up for this iniquity?

    Not once have I heard in the last week or two any reference to the inadequate and irresponsible handling of the nation's finances by the current oaf of a prime minister, who today (13 Oct 08) compared himself with Churchill and Roosevelt!!!

    I truly believe that he, Brown, 'gets off' on this situation which, despite his continual reference to 'global events', is largely of his making in this country!

    I just heard him him say words to the effect that he, he, not we the tax-payers, is the '...rock for savers... '. If that were true he would end the deceitful and iniquitous theft by tax of the proceeds of our savings.

    Remember all of you, this man is a socially inadequate, 'psychologically flawed' oaf, practicing the politics of envy, spite and malice and is an oik of the greatest magnitude - in NAAFI parlance a total CNUT
  3. Too true. I think you may find a haven here:

    BBC Fan Club
  4. I might be a bit paranoid about the current govshites but what is the chance that when the banks/building societies we (they on our behalf) now 'own' are again making profits that some pressure is not applied to create income based interest rates? The more you earn/the bigger mortgage you require - the higher rate of interest you pay. God I just love socialism!!

    There again, I might not be paranoid - just looking for a job in the Neu Arbeit policy department!!!
  5. Labour will be a bad memory by the time the banks get back on their feet.

    Another 18 months of crushing inflation, rising unemployment, strikes, companies fleeing abroad and hospital closures to fund the bank bailout will see the Tories 20 points ahead again by the next election.
  6. It's possible that inflation may well drop significantly in the near future as the price of oil has stabilised/dropped due to the financial situation worldwide, and the recent rises have been relatively short term spikes to to energy companies increasing their prices because of the oil/gas price.

    Commodity prices of metals, wheat et al have all dropped over the past few weeks too.

    Not quite sure where the hospital closures comment comes from, nobody's even mentioned it.
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    Alsacien LE Moderator

  8. Our local news had a piece a couple of days ago where they sat down and worked out the personal inflation rate for a pensioner living in the area. He doesn't have a car. His biggest bill was for electricity, then food and then tax. His personal inflation rate was 15% and that wont be dropping anytime soon as the price of gas will peak over the winter.

    IIRC 33,000 beds have already been lost in NHS hospitals since 1997. My local hospital has closed over a third of its beds in recent years. As a result, they are on 'black alert', where every bed is full, one night in three. That nugget had to be forced out of them using the Freedom of Information act.

    A&E are turning away people with life threatening conditions while others are treated in ambulances. The oncology service at the hospital, which serves over quarter of a million people, has been closed to save money.

    There is a large mental hospital in the town where I live. The entire hospital and its grounds is being sold to property developers. It's being shut down and its 300 beds are being 'replaced' by a 30 bed unit in one of the empty wards at the general hospital. Additional services such as CBT, occupational therapy etc will simply cease to exist.

    The waiting time to see a psychiatrist is measured in years and soldiers returning from hot places and others with serious mental illness are now provided with a list of self books stocked by the local library.

    All of this hasn't just been mentioned, it's actually happening due to the crisis in the public finances. Do you think an extra 500 billion quid of government debt will make this better or worse?
  9. If you think that the BBC is bad (and it is), I had the misfortune to watch GMTV this week when the anchor (with a 'w'?) was stood outside Downing Street praising Gordon as if he was the new Messiah - it was truly vomit inducing stuff. All this positive exposure has happened in the last couple of weeks, strangely coincident of a certain Mr. A. Campbell reappearing in Downing Street. Now I know that the Great British Public is docile and stupid but even they will twig a second dose of media manipulation from Blairs mendacious bully.

    As regards hospital closures, the NHS has rivers of taxpayers gold flowing through it - £110 Billion this year. Where the f*ck has the money gone?