Incentives To Join The Army.

I joined in the mid 80's for the pure and simple reason that I wanted to travel. Getting some kind of career was second. Back then you could get posted to exotic places with palm trees where the locals didn’t shoot back. You could go to far off lands and experience the culture on expeditions. Those days are gone. Now it's tour's and razor wire for all.
What would people her suggest as viable means of getting people to join, even if it's just for 3 years or so. Are there any incentives currently that I'm not aware of?
For instance I would suggest that the army could let people join for a 4 year term in return for the army paying them through university. Improving the education available to ALL ranks, not just for promotion courses via distance learning courses. Preventing the attitude amongst some SNCO's I knew who when they found out one of the troop was attending night school and needed an afternoon off to take his exams got the entire troop on parade and forbid anyone from doing any kind of extra curricular course which may affect his running of the troop.

Travel benefits should also be re-instated. It's just not right expecting someone to pay a hundred and fifty pounds to get themselves home from Germany simply because of their age, even though they have been the same rank for many years.

There are fewer and fewer incentives to soldier these days. This needs to change, and the only way to do it is to offer genuine, tangible and lasting benefits (not small cash bounty's) which will make people see the army as a way to gain something rather than as a job which may or may not reward them.
I remember the old recruiting campaigns which always featured travel and sports opportunities. Look at how they promote it now - all NVG and tactical driving.

As well as recruiting new people, we need to keep those we have. If only some of those in charge would understand that retention is about more than 2 weeks adventure training. No civilian company would send its staff abroad without providing the opportunity to return, at company expense, at least once or twice a year. I suspect that we miss it partly because we once had it. However, if you look at how much the price of ferries etc has risen compared to the old days of decent forces' discounts, it is comparatively much more expensive today.
I remember an old boss of mine who was an LE captain. He showed me an ad from a paper in the 70's with him on it in front of his Antar tank transporter.
The ad simply read 'Do something unusual for 3 years. Join the army'. I really could not put it better myself.
ViroBono said:
I remember the old recruiting campaigns which always featured travel and sports opportunities. Look at how they promote it now - all NVG and tactical driving.
Yeh - but give the potential recruit a break - bit silly if said recruit turned up all gleaming and ready for a bit of adventure drinking ('cos that's what the posters said) only to find himself picking sand out of his nether regions and facing a bunch of rag heads ready to tear his heart out!
I think perhaps one of the major problems is in the fact that recruiting campagns are often run by people from within the army who have little or no handle on how civvy youth now think, or by media companies who think that by doing a poll in the street and modelling their campagn around it are going to hit the right buttons.
Many recruiting bods I see in schools (I work in the education sector) aer LE officers who have served around 30 years. To be honest, I don't think they now have the slightest clue what a 16 year old teenager is thinking about or wants to actually know about a career in the armed forces. The 'Satisfied Soldier' scheme was a farce. How can you have somone who has just passed out of training explaing the way the army works to ppotential recruits? As someone said in another thread, the army is less publicly visable and more media portrayed than ever before, the army should do more to push KAPE teams back out there.
Any truth in the rumour that the latest campaign is based on
"never havig to live in Burnley anymore" with a clause guarenteeing no posting to Preston ? 8O
It's true...all the good stuff that us oldies fondly remember are now all gone. Travel warrants just seemed to disappear of the map some time ago. It wasn't too bad when you got your military discounts on ferries and such like but they didn't seem to last. Also, the tossers who run the Chunnel and the ferries seem to put their prices up at Christmas because they know that thousands of Squaddies need to travel home to be with family.

As for incentives to join todays Army........the only one I can think of is job aren't likely to be made redundant and if you are a singly you will always have food and a roof over your head. The Gov't have ballsed up the pension so you can't quote that one any more. There are very few exotic postings any more so it's now 'Join the Army and see....Germany...Kosovo...Germany...UK....Bosnia...Germany....Kosovo....Falklands....Germany.....Bosnia...etc etc'


Thought long and hard- not many things spring to mind. The sports have been curtailed. The warrants have gone. The sunshine postings have been shrunk to nearly nil! (Although Bliar has sorted out a new one for a few years!)

Great mates, I suppose.
We always get a staffy come down to my cadet unit from the local recruiting office and he is always trying to recruit me. got my mate. he went in yesterday as a marine engineer. i asked him why i should join. he said, ''Because you get to travel, the pay is good and you get a trade''.

i think its ball's. all my mates hate it. the only places they have been is NI, sieara leone and Iraq. they haven't got any money and they spent a year waiting around cleaning toilets and playing fireman waiting for a place to get their trade!

so what have i got. im an apprentice spark, money's not great but hey im only paying for myself and im not going to get shot at by no rag heads (well might in some of the sh*t wholes i work in)!!! the army hasn't got a clue how to get people in. they grab peoples attention and then keep them waiting so long they get fcuked off.
the army hasn't got a clue how to get people in. they grab peoples attention and then keep them waiting so long they get fcuked off.
Out of the mouths of Babes and sucklings......

Does anyone have any idea , of the failure rate at ATR at the moment?

Remember seeing some documentary , (The same one where matey claimed his drink was spiked before the CDT) where a figure of 60% I think, was quoted?

Is there any way, we can run potential future recruits, through the TA first? At least Phase 1. If the recruit can't hack the TA, then there is probably, a 90% chance he can't hack the regulars either. However, if he finds he likes it, and is keen, he can progress to Phase 2, then join the regulars, with a reduced training commitment.

If he decides he likes the TA more, we gain a recruit.

Just a thought
Another problem the army has in recruitment is it's still pushing 'trades' as an incentive to join. Almost all school leavers are being directed into further education and being fed the line that 'Trades bad', 'Formal education good' in order to fill colleges and universities. The army still does not have a good further education\university credit scheme in place to entice potential recruits who only know that they must acheive as much education as they can before seeking employment.
With more cuts almost certainly around the corner fewer and fewer youngsters are going to see the armed forces as a means of achieving more from life as used to happen.
would I join again now? No way - it is run too much like a fuc*in coporate agency with performance figures, return of cost etc etc.

The army was a place you joined to get away from all that corporate political crap, now it is being run on those lines.

On the recruiting team side of things, I have to say this: Army team came by our place the other day, and contrary to all expectations and previous experience they gave a very polished, professional and encouraging presentation.

Given the audience (OTC) I don't know what kind of effect on recruitment etc it will have had - those who are going to join the army probably knew it before they watched the video - but I don't see how they could have done it any better.

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