incedentals clarification?


hi can any one give me an answer about incidentals please ive tried to read JSP 752 and it may aswell be written in polish , and my clerk is about as much use as an officer with a map .
The way i understand it is , if you are away from camp on exercise / course/ or similar for a preriod of 24hrs or more and you are NOT claiming field conditions you can claim the £5 a day . I've just come back from a large brigade exercise where we were accomidated in a block , centraly fed , not on rations and had access to washing machines, pay phones and able to walk out to shops etc to purchase paper and stuff. But on return to camp my clerk said no you cant claim that because you were on excersise , shit bust !
can anyone please advise me on this matter as my unit are very much in the mindset of scare them not in to claiming because every thing you claim will be fraud and investaged by SIB etc
also is there an idiots guide to claims ? ive read the purple book ( the name escapes me) but its get-out clause for everything is refer to JSP 752
thanks for taking the time to read this I hope someone can help :? :?
I'm sure it's not whether you were IN A FIELD, but whether FIELD CONDITIONS ARE DECLARED, or something along those lines. I'm sure far greater and more qualified minds than mine will elaborate shortly.
As this was an exercise it would normally be declared field conditions as SBM says. If this is the case there is no entitlement to EE - you will on the other hand be entitled to accom refund if you normally live in and pay also food refund if in non PAYD unit (if normally PAYD you shouldn;t have paid for the duration of the ex).


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