Incapacity Benefit Claimants Reassessed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DesktopCommando, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Finally Whet will have to stop doing Voluntary work and start paying taxes, if he can voluntry do it hes can work for it! hopefully his car will be gone too, dont need him crashing into anyone with his narcolepsy.

    Incapacity benefit claimants will today start being reassessed for their ability to work - part of the first phase of the Government's welfare reform programme.

    The move comes as new figures showed that almost £135bn had been spent over the past 10 years keeping two million people "on the sick".
    Claimants in Burnley and Aberdeen will be the first across the country to undergo the new test to see if they are fit for work.
    They will be given fresh medical evaluations to establish whether they should still be on it.
    Ministers say the aim is to "migrate" a number of claimants from incapacity benefit on to jobseekers' allowance, income support or back into work.
    The re-assessment is designed to end the one-size-fits-all approach to those with health conditions and disabilities.
    Ministers said the "shocking" figures of the Department for Work and Pensions' annual expenditure on benefits underlined the "urgent financial need" to help the millions of people "trapped" on incapacity benefit.
  2. I was shocked to hear that over 8.5% of Burnley are on disability. Was it targetted as a high-focus (currently Lib-Dem, formerly Labour) area, with Aberdeen (Lib-Dem/SNP, formerly Lib-Dem/Conservative)? Or a large disablility population?
  3. About f**king time good on um' i say.
    I wonder though how many people will actually be signed back fit for work.
    I,m sure these serial claimers know all the scams and as for there acting skills well they would put RADA to shame !!
    I saw the article on news 24 and i do wonder why 1 in 8 claim incapacity benefit rather than the standard jobseekers , alot of sick peeps in Burnley then, ah yes silly i forgot they get more money and under Labour it made the unemployment figures look better !
    Maybe they should stop giving them money and start giving them food parcels:-? That might some of the workshy gits get back to work.

    Kind regards

    R M
  4. They need to remove sick notes from GP's for any period over a couple of months. A state Doctor should assess these people who are simply lazy.
  5. Absofookinglutley Jarrod couldn't agree more , all the GP wants to do is get them out of his office asap and deal with some real medical problems. They have changed the system slightly in that they now issue a "fit for work" note ie can they work but on reduced duties.

    Kind regards,

    R M
  6. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    most of the state doctors would probably be third world trained,unable to speak English,third year medical students, who are pretending to be their uncle,Oh thats the Veterans Agency doctors now, I forgot
  7. Sent to another practice for an independent second opinion perhaps but I wouldn't want to have been seen by a State doctor working for Blair and Mandleson.

    'According to your state medical records you voted Tory and have been criticising the government - you must be mad, off to the special hospital with you.'

    They would have, if they could have.
  8. Last week i'd a 24 yr old whining for sleeping tablets I told him to get a job working 12 hour shifts. My next patient is 25yr old and has the time to drink 9 litres of strong cider a day.
    When did everyone get so reliant on the state? As a child I recall visiting a GP once all the other minor ailments my mother or the chemist dealt with. My German measles were diagnosed by a neighbour.
    These days any cough or cold and people are straight to the GP. Again as a child the only person who didn't work were retired or female and looking after the kids. There is such a lack of ambition for people to better themselves and to work. A recent patient complained that there wasn't any jobs. I opened the paper to find three part-time jobs but none were good enough for him, cleaning and frying chips were too good for someone with no qualifications and no plans to get any.
    The chap who couldn't sleep thinks it's alright for me to work 12 hours as i've got qualifications, well it's not like they just dropped through the letter box.
    The lazy people need dragging to work or money stopped and any job should be suitable for people with no qualifications. It's odd that none of my Polish or Latvian patient's are out of work and if they are it's only for a couple of days.
  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    I got to agree with you on the lazy barstewards issue, the amount of people I gave starts too in the past,only for them to jack in the first couple of days because the work was to hard,they were homesick,missed their family,ect, they thought we got paid all that money for nothing. Except when we went to the Falkland Islands, where they could not get a boat home for a month, but some of them just gave up and committed suicide, the first one only two days out from Capetown
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You can sure pick em :)
  11. <---- Registered 100% disabled: Always worked full time, (had my own business for 5 years), since becoming disabled and still do.

    Whet will be along shortly to explain how me claiming the DLA that helps me to keep gainfully employed and paying tax is dishonest.
  12. And if you could be an example to these layabouts. Unfortunately life is so easy for them to sit about drinking cheap cider and taking money from our pockets. I'm sure the Tory's will be able to give us some lovely tax breaks if those workshy could be forced to work and pay into the pot. I hear from them 'I can't afford to work' well then let's make it so they have no option, if it pays too much to sit at home doing nothing something is sadly wrong.
  13. Well I thought that was what DLA was for but unfortunately that is also milked and abused.
  14. Well, fair do's to many of the 'I can't work coz I iz sick and disabled innit' brigade, take my local one, he's got a fine work ethic. He was up at the crack of dawn to man a burger van for £50 a day cash in hand for the last 3 days and manages to fit in a monthly day trip to Belgium to buy baccy to sell on the side in betweens as well as sub renting out his council flat to another doley as he's living with his ex wife again. And while all this is going on, he's spending a fortune doing up the ex wifes house…*he's currently putting in the finishing touches to the new home cinema set up, wall mounted 42" plasma and all the toys, not forgetting of course the new carpets and settees to relax on while watching it.. Clearly it's a harsh life being on IB.
  15. I was chatting to a GP who is involved with the whole re-assement process. The question is now "Can you work?" Not "Do you want to work?", "Can you do your current work?" or "Can you work in what you're qualified to do?"

    I asked her what percentage of those that she was re-assessing were now classed as fit for work. About 90-95% was answer.

    Ghast truly flabbered.