Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Can’t believe this TV Prog has been around and I completely missed all of it. Got the series given for Xmas - sat down to watch last night, funniest stuff I’ve seen in years.

    Much nearer to real life than Byker Grove, Please Sir etc and a million times more funny.

  2. I didn't catch it til around the end of series two...brilliant stuff though, shame it's all over now bar the movie!
  3. I found both series hilarious!

    Great programme, especially when Simon pukes all over that girl's brother.
  4. mate there are 3 series...if you haven't caught it already it's still on youtube... :)

    YouTube - The Inbetweeners
  5. Brilliant telly, not to worry though, Shameless is back on tonight!!!!!!
  6. Jay's a walt.
  7. Will's mum would definitely get the good news :)
  8. My bad, I've seen the third season too. All good stuff!
  9. fricking hilarious i also missed it while it was on, never laughed so much in ages, especially when they did the fashion show and his ball was sticking out of his speedo's spat my beer everywhere wish they would do another series.
  10. Pure comedy genius! Loved every episode!
  11. Can only agree wth the comments above. I noticed it some time ago when I was flicking through the channels but thought it was just another 'yoof' comedy series, and being close to fifty years old didn`t think it would appeal to me. Paid a visit to my son over Christmas and he had it on one evening, haven`t laughed so much in ages. Came home and watched the other two series the following evenings.
    Some outstanding acting and definately a cut above similar programmes aimed at youngsters. I only wish some of the 'adult' based comedy programmes were as funny, and as well acted.
    I`d like to pick a favourite scene but there were just too many of them. One that does keep me chuckling was where the lad was getting wanked off at an under 18 disco by some young temptress and the 12 year old lad ran up and kicked him in the cock. Brilliant TV. :)
  12. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I think The Inbetweeners must have set the record for the highest ratio of quotes and one-liners to episodes. You compare it to the greats and it stands out a mile:

    Red Dwarf - ~50-60 episodes, and gave us Goit, Smeg(head), and maybe the term Rimmer as an insult.
    Only Fools & Horses - God knows how many episodes, but only really gave us "You plonker", "lovely jubbly", and Trigger.
    Even Fawlty Towers, with its tiny collection of episodes (20?) only managed to add "Manuel?!" to the common lexicon.

    In 18 episodes, Inbetweeners has given us:

    (Football) Fwieeeeeeeeeeeeend.
    Bus wankers.
    Briefcase wanker.
    (Knee deep in) Clunge.
    Frothing at the gash.
    Brilliant [with that ironic, deadpan tone that only Will can bring].

    ... and that's just to get you started.

    I reckon there's a thesis in there, somewhere.
  13. Only 12 episodes of Faulty Towers.

    You missed (from the inbetweeners):

    2 thumb friend
  14. Actually got bought all 3 episodes. Watched Ep2 last night, 3 tonight.

    Tis the best telly for a fucking long time...

    Watching Jay numbing his hand for a dead hand wank, then getting caught by his mum watching the porno whilst fumbling to close laptop.... nearly fucking killed me.


    And of course.... goes without saying!
  15. what about when jay was having a wank in the old peoples home over that doris's photo and the son comes and shakes his hand full of spaff and she pipes up "he did that over me he did" fecking brilliant.