inapropriate hierachy behaviour

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by soap_box_g11, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. while out last night, enjoying the delights of tiffs (erm) i witnessed what can only be desribed as duty of care at its finest. A certain female SNCO was on the dance floor, dancing extremely provactively with a phase 2 soldier, she was seen by many of us to be massaging the young lads member, among other things with her substantial arrse. This carried on for a while until she collapsed onto the floor due to her inebriated state. She was promptly ejected from the premesis. I feel that this was not suitable behaviour for a member of troop cadre, and judging by many threads on here, she is in a position of great responsibility and influence.
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I agree with you - what are you going to do about it?
  3. u should have banged her and took pics .........get out of jail free cards lol
  4. without proof i dont think there is anything i can do, i am under the impression that the powers that be read this site, im sure they can get to the bottom of it, excuse the pun
  5. You are of course right, but did you at the time, think of taking the moral high ground and tell her she was making a fcuking fool of herself? Even through the most steamed of beer goggles being told your acting an arrse by someone of junior rank, especially if that person is their responsibility can do the trick.

    And how many female senior NCO's are members of Tp Cadre? I'm not in the know but i doubt your making it difficult for anyone in Blandford to work it out. Is that your intention?

  6. Jesus guys get a grip have u heard your self your like a bunch of little boys at play group.

    This is the ARMY you are in what you going to do snitch on all and everything you see. I got out after a very long time because of moaning muppets just like you.
    So what if your snco gets pissed at the end of the day she has worked for the rank she holds and some little spotty w****r like you wants to take that away .

    What sad individuals we now have serving in the once Find Corps.

    PS you should hold your head in shame
  8. Not at all i understand that it should be same for troop cadre as for the cpl's
    But my point is this tosser is doing his washing in public and quite obvisley does not have the balls to broach the subject directly with the SNCO or one of his seniors.

    So he brings it up on here all he is doing is whats commenly known as is Shit stairing and i cant stand people like that .......The Army or the Sigs do not need little muppets like it either.
  9. daz

    daz LE


    You're not jealous that was having his todger massaged and you'rs was not :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

  10. Cant see the problem!

    I thought it was in the army contract that you had to have a few too many, from time to time, and perhaps make a bit of an arrse of yourself!!(nice pun!!)

    evryone has a night out from time to time and wakes up thinking
    "shouldnt realy have said/done that !!!"

    its just the army way! dont matter who you are!!
  11. 2 problems here:

    1. If she was touching up a phase 2 soldier then she is in direct contradiction of Standing Orders and should have to account for it. If she was a he, and he was a she (if you know what I mean), then no doubt the culprit would now be in the Outer Hebrides.

    2. She also had a duty of rank. Why do we have Mess's that separate the ranks? So seniors and juniors can both let off steam and get smashed without looking like tawts in front of each other.

    The Army is hierarchical and relies totally on subordinates trusting and believing their seniors. Whilst having a few with the lads/lasses is good to show the senior is human. Getting so pissed that you can not control yourself in front of them is, I would submit, not.
  12. Agree with all the comments here, get off your soap box you little cnut and fcuk off, can't see your career lasting that long, snitching little tw*t. Everyone makes mistakes along the career path somewhere, and most are covered up. If you keep commenting on this site everytime a senior fcuks up , epescially, in this nature, as there cannot be many SNCO female cadre you will be sussed.

    ps I want her ext no because she needs a hard, I mean stern talking too. :evil:
  13. Uh-huh; agree with all of the above.

    Soapbox, you know it's wrong, we know it's wrong, and she will undoubtedly have woken up this morning knowing it's wrong. The point of posting it on an open forum? You wanted to drop her in the shi*t, because you know your hierarchy reads these pages. There was no point to your post apart from whistleblowing anonymously. If you had the courage of your convictions, you'd have gone to see your SSM and let him or her deal with it.
  14. thats what i said in the begining if this muppet had the balls to get in his SSM intray and inform the SSM that is not as bad as spouting his spotty gob on here hoping she gets in the shit.

    I would get hold of this muppet and dish out what i used to get on a regular basis in the very very early 90's by my troop seniors and that is a good slap to knock a bit of sence in to him.

    its not wrong what he is saying is wrong the way and how he is saying it.

    i got out cus muppets like that did my head in .... would u stand sholdier to sholdier with that grassing little twat ...cus i wouldent
  15. Well said that man
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