Inappropriate T-Shirts, etc

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr Happy, May 26, 2005.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

  2. so they dont have freedom of speach in the Middle East yet

    guess we got 2 show some respect
  3. Luckily the inflammatory nature of these t-shirts is always hidden by layer upon layer of body armour. Ironic really.
  4. Not really part of the hearts and minds battle.
  5. I noticed loads of lads on Shiba log base with t shirts saying
    “It either Sunni or its Shitte” very amusing possible not PC though
  6. At least our t-shirts are subtle and full of irony and sarcasim :roll:
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    The reference to Post Exchange (PX) gives it away really ....this is the Merkin Head-shed carefully locking the stable door l-o-o-o-o-ng after the mustang has bolted.....

    What a load of boll0cks....they'd be better off telling their guys to

    > take off the stupid Tom Cruise shades
    > stop running over kids and leaving them to die
    > drop the 'if you have someone by the balls their hearts and minds will follow' attitude.
    > stop listening to Mossad on how to conduct COIN ops

    Le Chevre
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I challenged a USArmy Capt on the issue at Westpoint a couple of months back on the 'eye contact is very important you know' and he actually confirmed something I heard from an 'Operator's email' I saw on the www last year. The issue(?) (Oakley?) wrap around black sunglasses actually have ballistic properties and the Capt claimed a 96% reduction in eye wounds - they're not there to deflect bullets but shrapnel pieces, and whatever else causes eye wounds get fcked off. He acknowledged that they lost the 'hearts and minds eye contact battle' but said it was a Force Protection issue and not therefore really open to debate. He was, I hasten to add, an impressive and cultured American, not like the other % we keep meeting and so believe him absolutely.
  9. That being the case why not have clear glass not much problem with eye contact there or is there a distinct whiff of BS about this Captains tale.

  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Very reasonable point, I shall email him. WAIT OUT
  11. Where can I got one of those T-shirts? :)
  12. Zippy

    The Spams are ever ready to believe their own publicity, you wouldn't expect a Mod to fall for it.

    Many (ie not all) Septics are not exposed to scepticism, and there is a danger that they all get wound up by each other until they are in an extremely dangerous 'love me, hate you' frenzy.

    As a contrast, (and don't ask me why) I was reflecting on an incidident durin GW2 advance through central Iraq. Widely covered on TV, it featured a section (may have been more out of shot) in a town centre (Fallujah?) being confronted by a very agitated crowd (some armed) on all fronts.

    The hundreds of locals were only feet from the Spams, but the SNCO/Officer-type ordered his men to lower their weapons and kneel down. He (IIRC) took off his specs and did the eye-to-eye smiling face. The crowd were (not unreasonably) concerned about encroachment into a religious zone.

    Now, it may have been a cover for some nefarious bods/kit/activity, but rather than call in any heavy 'armor' or bombardment, he agreed to accept their word and return to an agreed distance.

    I was wondering what the outcome was, did it help or hinder his career to be reasonable/rational or did he get ostracised for being 'yeller'?.

    Answers on a t-shirt - or not.
  13. Best one I've seen was before the Army went PC and allowed those of questionable sexuallity in.

    OTC recruiting stand at a freshers fair sited next to the G&LS stand because some joker thought it would be funny.

    A young fatcakes chatting to the pretty girl in combats when up strolls what I later found out to be a JUO in a tee shirt reading

    "Don't be a poof.... Join the OTC"
  14. Top bloke but on the other side of the coin is the incident in Najaf where a heavily armed contingent of Americans, 'deliberatly' intimidated a group of locals outside a mosque with the consequent trouble that ensued (Sorry can't remember detail but sure a search of BBC or similar will yield the full story).

    I suppose the point being they have some very able soldiers as individuals unfortunately bound by a huge superiority complex that eminates from the entire nation (Generalisation I know).

  15. I'm surprised you could read it with those new reacta-light shades you wear fatcakes? 8) :wink:

    Or was this a really long time ago? :wink: