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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by janner75, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. Tonight there is a somewhat impassioned plea on the forum from a young man who has foolishly been caught drinking then driving.
    A number of posts have condemned his actions and properly so.
    Is it appropriate then that this site carries advertising, at the foot of the first page of the drink driving post, offering to help people get off/away? with this appalling offence?
    I think not and, unless it is removed sharpish and permanently, will not be donating next year.
    I most definitely do not want to hear about "no control over advertising" because actually you do; you can say"no thanks".
  2. Getting of god forbid. If only the law had a moral basis I would be outraged.
  3. I am not condoning his actions either.

    But its hardly a big deal to start worring about stopping the auto adds many of which can be stupidly fun.
  4. Sorry but those adverts are added by google, are you suggesting that GCO/BCO stop taking google sponsorship because of a single advert? There's on one the bottom of this thread for the Andy McNab website, doesnt mean the CO's agree or disagree with the content of the links. I could go into it further but I cant be arrsed.
  5. Dear Outraged of Somerset... ... ...
  6. OK Take your points. Let me put it this way: do you think these people should be allowed to advertise anywhere? I do not.
    I do not blame Arrse but Google should take more responsibility surely?
  7. I live in a country where D/D is a national sport. During their main annual festival (around Easter) the death toll exceeds 700 & injuries reach 40k (and thats only the ones they admit to!!)
  8. Wales ? Its always been that way.
  9. Take it up with the CO's (Well with GCO as BCO is on remand for touching small children in an 'inappropriate place').

    As has been said, the contract to advertise merely searches for keywords on whatever thread and adds one it feels is appropriate (read; whatever key words appear. If you start a thread on touching small boys on the bottom, you'll see an advert for school uniforms. Try it, you'll be pleasantly suprised).

    As an alternative, you could just fcuking ignore it and man the fcuk up and stop being a Daily Mail reading hom.

    You do realise, its your sort who caused the whole Iraq war? Complaining livvy livered rubber desked johnnies who whined about WMD adverts. What else could they do but act on your whinges?
  10. It doesnt seem to be a link for getting away with it, merely a link to buy your own test kit? Surely that would be a good thing if more people checked/cared to think about if they were over the limit the next day because of that ad after theyve read about someones elses 'mistake'.
  11. If you find it impossible to ignore the ads, then use firefox and you don't have to see them.
  12. I doubt that there is much you can do about it! This is the Internet!

    The ads at the bottom of the page have sometimes made me laugh with their attempt at a connection with the topic of the thread. I can't think of one at the moment, but I will keep you in mind if I am so touched in the future!

  13. My all time favourite was only a few weeks ago on one of the islamic extremist threads...Muslim dating-complete with a piccy of a bird in a full burkha!
  14. The owner of the Google Ads account used in the website template here on ARRSE has the facility, via the googel ads admin panel, to exclude websites from being advertised, although it's primariliy for the likes of sales sites to exclude their main competitor's listings on their site. Maybe a possibility?