Inappropriate social conduct or social misbehavior

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by roxygirl, Mar 27, 2005.

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  1. Hello I'm not in the British Army or even British at all but a friend of mine recommended this site regarding issues about "inappropriate social conduct or social misbehavior" (you Brits can the u as needed). What would happen to a soldier if they had say naked photos were published of them?

    Depending upon your position in the civilian workforce, you probably might get some hassle or not depending upon on the circumstances there.

    Does the same thing happen in the British Army or is there really a chance that you would get into trouble there?
  2. A bit early for April fools love!

  3. It would be if it was an April Fool's joke there but really I am serious regarding this matter there. Do you have any insights? I've been checking the archives too. It's a very complicated situation but hopefully I can get some answers or at least some direction.
  4. Journo or lawyer?
  5. Her/his originality has to be commended though, don't you think?
  6. Neither! But really I am interested in this topic. I understand that you all may have your suspicions there but really, I do have a real interest in knowing this process.

    It's a bit alien to me because well I'm an American and we do have different rules but I've been around Brits for the last couple of years and trying to understand little things here and there.
  7. Well explain yourself then!! Why do you want to know?

    (Think we should entertain her for a bit...)
  8. If they were just naked then I don;t see a problem.

    If they are naked and rubbed down in chip fat with sixteen llamas and a salamander licking them off while an elf forces crabsticks up his hoop then there maybe an issue...

    Publish them anyway :D
  9. Thanks for the information.

    The second part a definite not there.

    Anyways do you know of anyone that has gotten in trouble for something like that though? Hopefully it shouldn't happen but it seems that from the archives, people get into trouble for a lot of little things are I would personally take for granted and never get into trouble for.
  10. I got in trouble from a girlfriend for being found in another girls bedroom naked.

    I also got in trouble for hitting gavin Garside with a shoe in a pillow case but I was only 9
  11. Well I can see where you would have gotten into trouble of the first one.

    Not quite sure about the other one because we all do stupid things when we're 9 but then kind of bit violent there. Hopefully he's not scared for life because of that incident.

    Anyways hopefully this will all work out.
  12. He does carry a scar above his left eye, only a small one.

    Don't worry though he recovered quickly, I bullied him regularly until he was 19 and comitted suicide, but I never got in trouble for that.

    His family still blank me in town and his Dad scratched my dads car in Morrisons car park though so I suppose they still bear a grudge
  13. Published where anyway ? Front page of the Times, a contact mag or the Regimental magazine ? Honestly, if you're too lazy to write your own stories at least try and do some preparatory work.
  14. Does it matter exactly where it is published there?

    If it's on the internet or in a newspaper?

    I don't think that you would get in less trouble one way or another there.

    I'm really not making this story up. I just want to know if someone were to do something like that, then what are the consequences?
  15. yeah...elves are always getting exploited. It's a disgrace