inappropriate names for your kids soft toys

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flieslikeabeagle, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. no.1 son has just moved back in with us with his 18 month old daughter. she has a soft toy she loves very much, it is maybe a white tiger, or maybe a stripy polar bear. anyway he obviously (the bear) has a problem he is now" bi-polar bear".......any other kids out there with non politically correct toys..... please leave the racist names at the door
  2. Apparently Mohammed is rather frowned on for a teddy bear
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  3. Content to ridicule the happiness-challenged but not tolerant of anything which may offend the off-white brethren??
  4. nah mate ............... plenty of other threads on here if you want to rant about Abdul and his buddies............ I'm scottish FFS we are born racist.............. just not on this thread................ if it is funny though, feel free
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  5. My daughter had a golliwog, called Golliwog. Is that a problem?

    Anyone else got one of these?

    Natures Babies Black Labrador Dog 8inch: Toys & Games

    What did you call it....? N.. ni. nig.. nigel? ;)
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  6. tiny_lewis funny you mention that, that is precisely what I was about to say.

    Cutting a laborious and mostly boring story short: I was in a pub looking at a stack of history books they had (yes, I'm the chap you'd love to lash with) and there was a pic of the locals from 1920 in golliwog hear and lo and behold I bellowed to my mucker opposite (also reading a similar book) "that's a bloody golliwog isn't it"?

    Must have been a good pub, not an eyebrow raised.
  7. Frankly watching In the Night Garden leads me to believe Upsy Daisy is an utter slunt.

    Constant bed references, kissing Iggle Piggle, bending over and showing her knockers and worse, the skirt that lifts up with a pull chain!

    It makes me want angry sex.
  8. I'm sure that program is paedo... there is something very creepy about it.
  9. I just watched Fifi and the flower tots with my daughter. Turns out Fifi has a rabbit called 'cumsock'. I was in fucking pieces while my bemused child looked on. Timeless stuff
  10. Why cant I stop laughing?

  11. When the twins were about 3-ish, the Jade Dream got them a brace of toy dachshunds and we held a naming ceremony. The girls had to think up a name and then keep it a secret until we cut a cake, then they were to announce. H had no problem thinking up 'Banger' all by herself but H+20 came to dad for some advice.

    Mummy, spoilsport that she was, vetoed daddy's suggestion of 'Senseless'. Well, I would have laughed.
  12. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    My son had a clown called Freddie (received by my son as a gift the day Freddie Mercury died) and a strange doll in a blue silk dress which just had to be named Cupid after Kenny Everett's character Cupid Stunt. Oh, and a great big enormous teddybear given by my mother, and named 'Effo'.

    All before he was two years old.

    He's turned out quite well-adjusted really.
  13. I could imagine a market for these in the southern states. Those southern boys look for something special, with meaning, for their offspring come the Season of Goodwill.