inappropriate gifts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. Well what did you get?
    believe it or not the wife bought me amongst other things...wait for it,..a fucking UKELELE wtf and what way doe's her mind work? in all my life I have been unable to sing or possess any musical ability whatsoever and she thought I would like a friggin ukelele, I despair I really do.
    so what did you get and have to pretend its what you always wanted.
  2. I have for years wanted to buy my RAF brother-in-law a Tom of Finland compendium.
  3. I had to look that up....its just a mini guitar.....which is pretty much what a violin is but violins have a bow.
  4. Did she get you comedy teeth and a cheap, ill-fitting suit as well?

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  5. She got the gifts mixed up,the ukefuckinwhatever was for her toy boy,you should have got the National Geographic subscription.
  6. She gave me a rusty trombone.
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  7. She gave me her Chocolate Starfish
  8. Is that a euphamism?
    Like have a "toot on your blue veined flute".
  9. It was just a typo. He meant "penny whistle"
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  10. Google "rusty trombone" you heathen.

    It was funny before I had to explain it.
  11. Joe Brown at the Albert Hall

  12. Well well, we live and learn :)

  13. Wow, everydays a schoolday.

    Nothing to do with badly kept orchestral equipment at all then.
  14. Nevertheless , I shall stick to a gentle blowing of the silver piccolo if it's all the same to you ;-)