Inappropriate childrens books.......

Here's a starter for ten......... :party:
OK, let's try again!
10: You're Different and That's Not Good

9: The Boy Who Died After Eating All His Vegetables

8: The Childrens' Guide to Hitch-Hiking

7: Jane Was So Naughty That Her Mummy Stopped Loving Her

6: Curious Colin and the High-Voltage Electric Fence

5: Yummy Sweeties - A Guide to Strangers and Their Sweets

4: Things Which Rich People Have, and You Will Never Have

3: See the Cat Lying, See the Cat Flying

2: Whining, Kicking and Crying - 20 Easy Ways to Get What You Want

1: "Ploff!" said the Hamster and 100 Other Fun Microwave Games
Hide & Seek for beginners - Maddies tips :twisted:
Harry Potter and the Catholic Priests.

My Friend Hitler.

Teasing Dogs and Other Games for Boys.

The Kiddie Kama Sutra.

Baldness Is Hereditary and Other Facts about Your Body


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101 things to do with Daddy when Mummy goes out.
Third time lucky......... :roll:


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Janet and John go wife swopping.
The Bible....... full of murder, prostituion, lies, corruption etc

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