Inappropriate behaviour denied, now I’m being shafted (Help)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by seenoff, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. After a number of months of rumours and alleged inappropriate activities, with possible foundation, I approached the said officer with the allegations regarding an improper relationship and his behaviour consequently this resulted in a bust up. There have been other incidents that bring the individuals behaviour into question. As ever I now find myself being disciplined for threatening behaviour and general conduct unbecoming. Can anybody help?
  2. Say again all after 'after' over, in clear this time though !
  3. The Adjutant.
  4. I think I remember you posting something about this before.

    You reckoned some officer (not from your unit) was doing your missus, if I remember rightly.

    So you confronted him, he denied it, you went off your trolley.....and now you're in the sh1t?

    Am I correct?
  5. Ex-missus, wasn't it?

    'Resulted in a bust up?' This all sounds thoroughly messy. Seenoff: I'm happy to provide advice via PM, but I sense that you (perhaps understandably bearing in mind your emotional state) have lost a bit of sense of proportion, and are getting yourself in to worse trouble through acting without properly thinking.