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Sorted by viewing 40 posts at a time, but Flaggies link didn't work.

This 40 post thing may blind me in certain threads in the NAAFI......
Now doing it with 40 posts/page.....

Same things tried, same problem.
Now doing it with 40 posts/page.....

Same things tried, same problem.
Have you tried using the drop down tab for the page numbers at the top of the thread ( ie imput 2 into the box)

Edited to add Screen Snip

Capture 3698.jpg
Yep. No dice. It's that single thread, every other one works perfectly.
Are you using any anti-advert software? That can sometimes get in the way. Something could have caused it to add the URL for that page to its list.

Clearing your browser's cache might help. In Internet Explorer <spit> that's Tools>Delete Browsing History, make sure "Temporary Internet Files" is checked (and the other options, if you don't mind having to re-enter a few things when you visit some sites).

On the topic of browsers, try using another. Google Chrome is my favourite, available for free here:
I'm on firefox (on a Mac, natch), cache cleared, every other page loads fine.

Perhaps it's firefox's way of telling me it's a shit thread. And to delete those files marked "Top Secret Strap 3c" from my hard drive.......
Yarp, cached cleared. Same problem. Let me know if anything interesting happens there ;)
Bizarrely I changed back to 20 posts a page and it now works again. One of those little problems that keeps the interweb ticking over.....

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