In your face BBC!

At BBC - History - World Wars: Animated Map: Battle of the Somme there is a very neat animated map of the Somme. However one of the sub-pages claims to show a photograph of the Newfoundland memorial at Guedecourt.

It does in fact show a Newfoundland memorial but it is the one which most people are familiar with, at Newfoundland Park. So I am officially Arrse's premier caribou-spotter and have informed the BBC of their error!


Beaumont Hamel

The key recognition feature is the BH one is on top of a mound, the Guedecourt one is in a man-made copse of native Newfie trees, on the flat. Both are impressive and worthy symbols of the amazing efforts of the Newfoundlanders at Beaumont Hamel and Hilt Trench.


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I'm also writing a letter of complaint to the BBC.

Alex Jones was absent from the One Show last week and the bird they replaced her with wasn't even half as good looking.

How am I supposed to pay attention for 30 mins of topical chit chat when I don't have a fuckable tart with a regional accent to look at?
Ravers - I hear you! If the BBC only have the resources to deal with one of our complaints, then your's is definitely the priority; even noting that we are approaching Remembrance Day rather than "Regional Accented Tart I would ****" Day. Which I believe is in mid-May?

Sapper D - "Knowledge and sharpness" you say? My wife describes it as "Obsession and spotterishness"...truly men are from Mars and women are snakes with tits.

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