In year-end message, Taliban calls 2009 successful

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    KABUL, Afghanistan - In a written statement, the Taliban calls 2009 "a successful year for mujahedeen" and says it is determined to drive coalition forces out of Afghanistan in 2010.


    The statement tallied up the organization's death tolls and other statistics for 2009, saying that 540 insurgents were killed and injured; 5,587 foreign soldiers were killed or injured; 2,049 local police were injured; 7,254 local police were killed; 44 aircraft were downed; and 3,667 vehicles were damaged.
  2. 8O Is Blanco and Dubbin their Press spokesman
  3. I think there should be another '0' on the end of 540.
  4. What are these statistics from? Call of Duty 4! :D
  5. Unfortunately, it's hard to argue; the Taliban don't have to inflict a crushing defeat on us or the Septics to win. They only have to outlast our politician's will to keep troops in Afghanistan.

    Terry or Brown/Obama - who would you bet on in a fight? :roll:
  6. TBH i'd side with terry for a win.
  7. I think most of us would, Fally, and with good reason.
  8. I suppose they've hired some ex Iraqi bloke as their foreign affairs spokesman? Comical Ali anyone?

    Apparently unemployed and living in the UAE now - but you never know, an exciting job opportunity as Taliban Information Officer may have been just the ticket to renewed fame for him!
  9. I hope they are counting ''Hajib'' and his 3 muckers around Lakari in march. Arh the wonders of ICOM.

    ''Its about warheads on foreheads''
  10. Haven't they been saying that just about every year since the invasion?
  11. Was it this guy giving the message?

  12. All the Taliban has to do is outlast us… so far they are still very much in the game. They move pretty much at will, we move under armour and with air cover… I'd say they are ahead on points at this stage in the game.
  13. Probably here.

    Found this a while ago. Always good for a balanced bit of reporting.