In vino veritas. Russia recalls empire habits.


Moldova and Georgia have defended the quality of their wines in response to a Russian move to suspend imports on health and sanitation grounds.
Some (me for example) believe it is another attempt by Russia to punish ex-Soviet states for severing ties with Moscow
Mr Onishchenko wrote to the Russian customs service asking it to stop wine imports from the two countries after tests this month "revealed a large share of samples of alcohol products and wine materials that do not meet safety requirements".
I don't believe this explanation. Of course it is a political move.

...both Moldova and Georgia send as much as 80% of their wine exports to Russia and the ban could cripple the countries' economies.
Their economics are in catastophic state and wine is in fact the main subject of export.

Archil Gegenava, director of the Teliani Veli wine plant in Georgia, said some companies faced ruin.

"Russia accounts for 89% of Georgian [wine] exports," he told Georgia's Imedi TV channel.

"There are companies that sell 90 or even 100% of their wine to Russia - for them, this means ruin."
Moldavian and Georgian representatives naively propose to make tests of their wines. Would you buy Moldavian or/and Georgian wines to support new-born democracies?
I have drunk both, and very good they were too.

The trouble is that there is almost certainly no vineyard in either country (and similarly in Slovenia) which has the capacity to produce wines in the quantity required for supermarket distribution in the UK.


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