In trouble with the in-laws because of the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Oh dear looks like my wifes aunt isn't going to be talking to me much, seems her son (wifes cousin obviously) is joining the TA, unfortunatly to save face I can't openly smile and congratulate him.

    Wouldn't mind as I haven't even poke to him about it and am very suprised in the outcome, personally I think its the best think he has ever thought of as hes a bit adrift in what he wants to do with himself.

    Not sure who he's aiming for but I will try my best to push him towards 206 (Ulster) Bty RA
  2. If she's not going to talk to you anyway you may as well go ahead and give him the smiles and congratulations!
  3. If he's old enough to join he's old enough to make his own mind up regardless of whether you had an influence or not. She should respect that and not look for someone to pin the blame on. As the above poster said, give him the congratulations anyway as he's took it upon himself to start giving his life some direction.
  4. tell the dope smoking tree hugging flip flop wear CND do-gooder to feck off
  5. Good advice from bitterandtwisted, Wellyhead. I would also suggest you skiff her at the same time but that would be ungentlemanly of me. You on the other hand should feel free to do what you feel is right!
  6. You familiar with 206? AFAIK they had their training days hacked to bits, and are very rarely training. The other possibility is of course to 2 R IRISH ;) Push him my way if he's local to Ards. I'll be gentle, unless there's requests :)
  7. Wellyhead,

    why is she so pi55ed off? Is she a left footer?
  8. sorry to disagree here Gaz but 206 Bty are training hard now and have been since they moved to Light Guns. i'm sure he'll find that a fun challenge and somethign to get his teeth into and send him on his way.
  9. cog_gunner, I stand corrected. The word was the RA lads in Ards had been desemated with this year's training days :s
  10. the rumours of the MTD cuts for 206 bty were greatly exaggerated, just like all other units in 51 Bde. We are a very busy,challenging and fully funded unit ;)

    wellyhead, hope your relative does well. I'll see him in the bar sometime soon :)
  11. He could of course join 152 Tpt regt, gaining useful items like driving licences and other trades, whilst also having the opportunity for deployment
  12. Far from it, its more a bit of not wanting her kid converted into red stain that needs to be washed off the top cover

    I exaggerate in the level of being pissed off, like any parent they would like them to live in a cotton wool cabin, the family has a history of UDR/RIR service, she probably was glad that it was all over so to speak, then this rears its ugly head. Silly thing is no-one has bothered their collective arrses in talking to someone who actually knows the facts about the TA and the likes of mobilisation, that being myself, sometimes it just suits many to sit and grumble amongst themselves