In today's modern Army are you taught to survive an Atomic bomb?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Blanco Bill, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. In 1965 our TA regiment attended a two week 'Civil Defense camp' at Devises, Wiltshire. We were stationed at the old wooden barracks just outside Devises on the A361 London Rd. We were lectured on what destruction H bombs were capable of, how they could be delivered and loads of American military training films on survival. After four days of lectures we were all bundled onto three toner Bedford's and sped away to a field somewhere in Wiltshire. Each company was given an area and we started digging in. We were split into groups of three/four and we dug a trench seven feet deep, four foot wide and fifteen foot long. At the bottom of the trench we dug sideways for about four/five feet. In section the trench was L shaped. This took about 8 to 10hrs and then we all piled in our trench for three days/nights. We took with us plenty of fags,matches,tinned beer,crisps, Mars bars, magazines etc, oh and a bucket to pee in.
    After the three days were up we had to fill the bloody trench in and off we went to practice 'crowd control'. Each company took it in turns to be the 'Soldiers' and the rest of the battalion were out of control peasants who taunted the 'soldiers' and threw beer cans etc at them. The officer in charge of the 'soldiers' shot us peasants in the end as it was getting out of control. It was great fun and the Devises pubs did a roaring trade when it was all over. Do modern soldiers experience this fun still?
  2. Yes the TA still pretend to be "soldiers"
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  3. Fun in the modern Army is an outmoded concept.
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  4. In 1965 we had so many troops we didn't know how to keep them all entertained.

    Oh, how things have moved on since then...
  5. When I was in, NBC Defence Training consisted of teaching us how to keep ourselves occupied while waiting to die in various unspeakable ways. I think the Army frowned on 'shooting the RSM and going on a final rape spree' as an Action On.
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  6. Now they've designed a helmet that if you lay down and point it toward a nuclear blast, will protect you so you can live to fight another day. Just make sure you tuck the arms in.
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  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It's exactly the same, except the beer and fags have been withdrawn on health and safety grounds. Matches are still allowed, but only issued to responsible grown-ups.
  8. Ah the joys of eating and drinking in the gas chamber. Especially when you stuff in your biscuits AB and swallow the draw cord of your hood... Defecation drills? Nah - none of that... "Sh*t in the suit lads - when you hear that bang you will anyway"
  9. As has been said, the modern army has finally come to terms that if we get nuked the best thing to do is take off your ressy and breathe in deeply. CBRN lessons are more like extended NAAFI breaks these days.
  10. "We were split into groups of three/four and we dug a trench seven feet deep, four foot wide and fifteen foot long."

    I think you'll find in modern parlance it's called a mass grave
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  11. Up to the point where they get actually wounded or killed on operations whilst pretending to soldiers. Perhaps you should remind them it's only a hobby....
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  12. What do officers get issued then ????
  13. Just checked and this isn't the NAAFI so...

    CBRN has been put on the back burner of late due to our current operations - however Britain remains a great innovator and leader in the field of CBRN defence. Our new respirator is top notch and I envisage that once we leave Afghan then we will begin to see the real threat of chemical warfare by rogue states.

    A single nuke going off (or a couple) which would be the probable case in a terrorist/rogue state scenario is survivable - and even a chemical attack using nerve agent delivered by conventional means on a battlefield is not as bad as most people fear.

    We do have some very good kit and even our decades old stuff, combi-pens, DKP 1&2 are actually very good. I am sure people will scoff, but an unconventional attack is survivable.
  14. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I thought that after a big dose of instant sunshine one would just wait for unpleasant things to happen to one's insides before dying?
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  15. On a recent CBRN course I was issued with 2,000,000 degree sun block which is to be used in the OP circumstances


    although the insides may be gone least a statue to my stupidity may remain.

    ...I know not the Naafi bar :hmm: