In today's IHT, Page 5 on the withdrawal of British troops...

Quote: The Afghan Defence Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak, told the BBC in am interview Monday that: "American troops were better equipped and better trained than British ones. He said the British troops had come to a really difficult province in Afghanistan with just Land Rovers, which are not much different from the ones driven on the streets of London." I think a lot of people were amazed he further said. He also criticized the NATO led international coalition as not providing enough troops to Afghanistan and not acting quickly enough to train Afghan forces.

"The international community has not been fair with Afghans at all. If you see the level of forces, the level of resources they have dedicated to this campaign, I mean, it is really negligible up to 2007, 2008. And now they are claiming that they have fought here for nine years and this is the longest war." (End of quote)

I was trying to find the linky on, but could not. Hence I typed it out.

Great to be appreciated, innit. I wonder where that country would be if it were not for the 'negligible' dedication of foreign military. Also if the Afghan police and military were not smoking Opium and holding hands all day, may be they would learn a thing or two and foreign troops could start to withdraw. Then again, Afghan Politians would have to start giving a shit; they are still too busy lining their pockets... Happy faces all around ey?

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