In through the nose, out through the mouth...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by angular, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone really think it makes any difference? And was/is anyone really able to make the distinction when you're trying to suck air in through any orifice you can find?

    Or was it all just to confuse me to take my mind off the pain? :D
  2. hurts lungs less. for me anyway.
  3. If you're hanging out of the proverbial and you need oxygen, just suck it in. When you're gasping and you try and breathe in through your nose it just tends to squeeze shut. If a PTI tells you it's to calm your breathing, he / she's wrong. The quickest way to slow your breathing down is to supply the lungs with oxygen, and the quickest way to do it is to breathe in through your mouth. If said PTI thinks breathing in less air will slow the breathing down more quickly, have him run flat out for 60 seconds then tell him to breathe through a straw and see if it works.
  4. In through the nose helps to not dry your mouth out as much! I find it makes a difference with stitches too!
  5. Just a saying, breathe however you need to breathe to perform and recover.

    Don't think about these things so much!
  6. In through the nose for me is pants, short controlled breaths through the cake hole.

  7. Helps warm the air up, which is less of a shock to the lungs in cold weather, reducing alvioli constriction, meaning you can suck more air in.

    Minus is, it's a slightly further distance to suck the air, meaning slightly more work of breathing getting air in.

    Pay your money, take your choice (or suck it and see! - is that my taxi?)
  8. i believe breathin in through ther nose is pants but its true in cold weather wen you breath through your nose the tiny hairs in your nose warm the air up a bit so your lungs dont suffer as much from the cold air well thats wot my p.e teacher siad wen i was at school unless he was talkin sh*T lol

    breath how ever you want if you find it difficlt to breath through your nose wen gasping for air then breath through your mouth
  9. The spams have a saying - mouth breather.

    Having read your post I feel this is perfectly descriptive.
    Not only factually but also colloquially
  10. Dissapointed in this thread! Not what I thought.!!
    In 98 we were doing a band tour for NAAFI and among the goodies as givaways were a load of condoms, made in Russia, got a bear on the packet and were pink.
    During the show, we were at Arbourfield, one of the lads in audiance came onto the stage and sniffed one of these condoms up his nose and out through his mouth.
    This was evidently his party trick! .....I think he was REME!
  11. its 6 of one, half a dozen of the other really.

    if your doing a short intense burst, like a sprint, through your mouth tends to be easier, just because you dont have to maintain it for long, so you might as well get as much oxygen in as you can.

    if your doing endurance, in through the nose out through the mouth helps set a breathing pattern, which is really important.

    personally i do in, in, out, its just about find a pattern that works.
  12. :D There goes my coffee.

    Nose.....mouth...? You're only doing it properly when you're breathing through your Arrse.
  13. There's is more to this than just breathing oxygen IN through one of the orifices (excluding Arrse). When breathing OUT you expel carbon dioxide. Breathing in through the nose does several things, some already mentioned on this thread, like warming up the air - in through the nose also ensures a regulated inflow of oxygen - in through the mouth and you can take in TOO MUCH. With PROPER breathing the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood is maintained at a level which promotes energy. BUT if you're flat out from running or absolutely knackered as I was yesterday after an hour's boxercise beasting session then grabbing in the oxygen through the mouth is just about all you can do until you can get back to proper breathing. Rather than go into a long drawn out explanation look on:
  14. Its an exchange of gases, the quickest recovery comes from a bigger gas exchange. Breathe in through mouth and nose, breathe out through mouth and nose. Do what works effectively for you. Endex.
  15. Thought this might be of interest. :lol:,23599,22339658-29277,00.html

    ALways thought that was just a saying :)