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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shortfuse, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. .....of computer technology , gene research , space exploration and telly you can rewind , is it REALLY necessary to have a man in a donkey jacket and wooly hat , driving an old electric cart which has NO F*CKING CHANCE of going more than 6 mph (downhill , unloaded with a following wind) to deliver your milk?
    the whole purpose of the electric cart was so as not to wake people at 0530 as he delivers said milk , this tends to be negated if he whistles tunelessly and hurls the empty crates on the back like sacks of coal , then as he pulls away it sounds as if someone is winding up an air raid siren.
    supermarkets sell milk
    garages sell milk
    corner shops sell milk
    none of the above cause 5 mile tailbacks as they aimlessly meander back to the dairy with f*ck all left in the battery , even the most remote rural community can access milk within 2 hours so why do we persist with this outdated overpriced idiocy? does anyone who uses this site get their milk delivered? if so DAMN YOUR EYES SIR......
    and yes..... i did get f*cking held up by a poxy milk float again this morning
    can anyone suggest to me why these people should still exist?
    apart from (according to films of a certain era) to bone bored lonely ugly housewifes......discuss.
  2. So, your day went well then?
  3. Move to the promised land (Scotland). Our milkmen use them new fangled van-things!! They even paint them black and white like coos.

  4. Sh1t I was wondering why my cattle rustling was going so badly!
  5. I have a milkman and he has an electric float. The old one had a diesel one and he had to go as it woke me up. I don't care as I never get held up by them and I am guaranteed to have milk with my breakfast.
  6. How did you get rid of him? Did you use the old fashioned method of shotgun, or did you get Fish-Head to rustle him away?

    By the way, the only other people I know who get their milk delivered are old or have no car. So you are either decrepid or poor.

    My old next door neighbour used to love getting her milk delivered, but then again, she was 72 before she died.
  7. You have door to door milk delivery??

    Do you have an egg man and dry cleaning delivery too?
  8. i missed the f*cker this morning , but not before one of his oppos held me up yesterday lunchtime , i mean what was he a new boy or what , those creations shouldn't be seen in daylight , milkmen must think the world consists of epileptic drivers with touretts syndrome , because everyone in the queue i was in , when they eventually passed this pr*ck , was waving at him like a fully badged mong and screaming obscenities.

    old people must be educated that when they pop to the shops for their werthers originals and cat food , to buy a pint of f*cking milk aswell , their the only people who keep these b*stards in business.
  9. We have a milkman, he delivers everything from milk (!!) to spuds and bread as well as fruit and BEER!!! He also has a smart electric/hybrid float/van thing that drives on electric upto 30 mph and then switches to diesel power. Tesco offer a similar service round here but this lad is much more flexible as you can change your order by leaving a note on the door :D
  10. touchy eh ? :lol: hey these people have to earn a living
    entering yourself in for "Victor Meldrew" of the year ?

    click this link and take one and call me in the morning :D
  11. I don't use it, but there is a dry cleaning man and an ironing service too. But regarding door to door milk delivery, some people swear that the mlik is more 'purer' - different cows, that was I heard anyway.

    yeh I know, its bollox.
  12. That why your milks sh*te, it should come from Udders :D