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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by buggrit, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Its Friday afternoon, Im still stuck at work and Im bored, so I began reminiscing about some outstanding p1ss ups Ive had with the lads and what I actually drank before my memory cells were burned into oblivion.

    A favourite of our troop was the "Prairie Fire" a concoction consisting of tequila and tabasco sauce, gauranteed to curl the toes. Anyone who frequented the Winkle when John and Anna had it in the Traz should know this drink.

    Another was the "Afterbirth" , baileys and blackcorn, obviously this curdled and looked like an afterbirth, nasty to get down without coming up.

    The "Depth Charge" a shaken for 10 mins can of grolsch which had its side pierced with a dart the the hole stuck over your mouth. mmmmm foamy!

    Anyone got any other horrors? Ovbiously dont include the "Engineer". Every toffee wrapper of worth knows what one of those is.
  2. At the Rugby club one evening, pints of Pernod and Black was the order of the day one evening. When consumed with liberal amounts of "Scrum Down", and "Mines a Hooker", which were effectively half pint glasses run along the top shelf and topped up with either orange or cranberry juice. Drinking that all night does a lot to the stomach.

    The result was that when I staggered into the daylight through the fire door at 0800 the following morning, what looked like a rainbow that had been constructed from porridge spewed from my mouth against the fence.

    I won't even begin with the certain shade of green poo that spurted from my ricker when I got home.

    Sappers and retired bootys in the same bar, never a good combination.
  3. known as "shotgunning" when i was a sprog in 37 fd sqn.

    in 37's bar you used to buy a "tizer" (shot of vodka, shot of bacardi, just a mere dash of blackcurrent & topped up with lemonade) looked like paraffin BUT by feck did it get you leathered quickly.

    on my leaving do from "cecil arms" pub fitba team (strood) my doris decided she would try them. she could not walk after half a dozen & i had to pour her into the taxi home. :D :D :D :D
  4. Pink Polarbear

    Bruggen Rugby Club's concoction. Tastes like Milkshake, Puts you on yer arrse after 2 pints.

    Great stuff!
  5. They stole it from the Bulldog at Goose Bay, home of the real Pink Polarbear :D
  6. Recipe?
  7. Ratsenpuss (not sure of the spelling?). F..king lethal drink sold in the bars around Hohne. Remember me and a mate used to see how many glases we could neck before throwing up, or before the (real) DT's started. Remember being chatted up by two young pad's brats...not half bad looking and about 18. they made it clear that me and my mate would be in for a 'fun time'. we thought about it for a couple of miliseconds then asked them if they fancied a ratsenpuss or three. swift tipple, both young ladies threw up and me and matey told them to bugger off and leave us in peace while we finished the bottle. regrets? oh yes.

    ....also home made chilly vodka sold in a bar (can't remember the name, but the landlord didn't understand the term 'closing time') up gabriels hill in maidstone. used to give it away for free if you could neck a largish glass in one. used to get charged after three or four though. and f..cked up.

    'slipinthedeitch' drunk from empty crisp packets, and then looking at the holes it burnt in them.....
  8. Rat Bone cider, brewed and sold locally in Ross-on-wye, called so because its fermented in open casks in a barn where the rats fall in, drown and get mixed in to the end result which is a cloudy brew that turns you blind..if you look hard enough you can see bones (ish)
  9. i once had a drink actually called on the menu "suffering bas**rd". It was in evergreens club in Garmisch and was about a pint and a half of purple muck in a HUGE goldfish bowl glass. I nearly died..really.
  10. Errm.. Dammit! Had to phone them last time I needed it!!

    Lemme go trawl see if I can find it.. off the top of my head...

    Tia maria

    Measures to suit colour and kick that you desire


    Just checked on google and it comes up with the following:

    I would add this makes a great entrance drinks for people at Summer Mess Do's. Serve by the Pint Not the Highball (fekkin' Poofs..)

  11. ohhhh, here I am sat in the desert and you barstewards have me dreaming of pints of Harvey wallbangers from the Bridge.......hazy daydreams and a tear in the eye..........
  12. Have we had the Cement Mixer yet?

    Shot Glass (or highball for the larger mouthed ones amongst us)

    2/3 to 3/4 full of Baileys, then carefully lay lemon or lime juice on top to fill the Glass.

    Neck it back , swill it round your mouth (ala a cement mixer) making sure you swallow it before it mixes and goes solid

    Great fun when the drinker leaves it too late. :D :D :D
  13. With that in mind, I had a lovely couple of lagers this afternoon, after a game of rugby. Although a Blue Mist will usually blow my socks off.

    Vodka, Gin, Cointreau in equal measures, making 50% other 50% is made up with lemonade. :clap:
  14. Oh yes!!

    Baileys and Lemonade. Again, like porridge if you leave it too late!
  15. From my days in 37 just before you, they were known as Vampires. Same mixture but with Gin as well. They used to get banned with boring regularity. One memorable night, after several (or more) of said concontion, had me and Geordie W****t locked up after trying to nick the OCs sword from the display cabinet to take it to the Flaumbaum. Bailed out by the badge next day and gated. New Years eve 85, so we sneaked out of camp and went to Mr Drinks in Hannover :boogie: . Fantastic night but started 86 in the sh1t. Oh well :roll:
    Not to mention copius amounts of Ratsepuss at Georges on other occasions :drunken: